How fashion brand Vollebak and architecture firm BIG envision a self-sustainable future
The equally inventive British fashion brand Vollebak and Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) present concept living space Vollebak Island.
4 Jul 2023

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), an internationally esteemed architectural firm, has joined forces with the forward-thinking clothing brand Vollebak, presenting an ambitious project, Vollebak Island, a glimpse into a self-sustainable future of habitation.

Located off Nova Scotia’s coast, Vollebak Island is an 11-acre model of innovation, operating on carbon-neutral energy from geothermal, offshore wind, and solar sources, stored in Tesla power walls. The island comprises two main structures: the 597 square meter Earth House, an interconnected complex of nine buildings, and the 88 square meter Wood House, an independent suite on the eastern shoreline.

The Earth House, designed to resemble land art, contains various open spaces, allowing for social interaction and integrating architecture with nature. Each building within this cluster utilizes unique materials such as fire-retardant hempcrete, 3D-printed concrete, or naturally occurring boulders, enhancing the ecological ethos.

Furthermore, the Earth House’s thatch-constructed living and dining area will function as a central gathering point, featuring a significant six-metre Viking fire pit. Additional amenities include a Japanese-style bathhouse, a sunken stargazing room, a greenhouse, and a boat house, all incorporated with the island’s sustainability goals in mind.

The adjacent Wood House complements the Earth House, boasting a two-bedroom, two-bathroom setup with a robust wooden exterior. A unique feature is its façade which can open to unveil an expansive eight-metre vista over the water.

Nick Tidball, Co-founder of Vollebak, knows the importance of cross-industry collaboration to push the limits of sustainable living.

— As we head into an uncertain world of climate change, space colonization, and resource scarcity, Vollebak Island imagines a truly sustainable future here on Earth, Tidball says, adding:

— This project is a blueprint for how we can build a more sustainable future. If you can build this one island, the principles can be scaled to a neighborhood, a city, or eventually the planet.