Vipp just transformed a farmhouse from 1775 into a dreamy hotel
Interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard has created a modern farmhouse, combining historical charm with Scandinavian minimalism, for the design company’s 4th hotel destination, situated on the Danish island of Lolland. And, you’ll have it all on your own.
18 Aug 2021

Lolland is the fourth largest island of Denmark situated just south of Zealand, a 2-hour drive from Copenhagen. With a rich soil and a good climate encouraging many local food start-ups, the island has long been known as the food chamber of Denmark, and the newly opened restaurant Pomle Nakke has become a magnet for Copenhageners.

Vipp Farmhouse opened earlier this summer and is nestled in a forest on the 1400 acres estate of Søllestedgaard. The 88 m2 residence includes a combined kitchen and living space, a bathroom, and 3 bedrooms with double beds that can host up to 6 guests at the time. Just like the other Vipp hotel destinations — Vipp Loft and Vipp Chimney House in Copenhagen and Vipp Shelter at Lake Immeln in Sweden — you don’t have to share the breakfast table with a stranger, but only your friends or loved ones. As soon as you’ve checked in, it’s fully booked.

At the farmhouse, Julie Cloos Mølsgaard has kept the architectural shell as a reminiscence from when the house was built almost 250 years ago, while the newly furbished interior is a fine example of modern Scandinavian minimalism.

— During lockdown, we have rediscovered nature and the charm of the Danish countryside, and now we share it with you. The hotel offers a convenient escape to nature. A taste of farm life, where the cow has already been milked, says Jette Egelund, Vipp owner.

The farmhouse’s mentioned neighbouring estate Søllestedgaard boasts the largest private greenery in Denmark — the vegetable garden Den Grønne Verden — delivering to Danish Michelin restaurants and the estate restaurant Spiseriet.

— Our old horse stable is now transformed into a restaurant and shop where the guests can buy or taste our variety of 250 greens cultivated on the fields next door. And if you prefer to cook yourself, seasonal picks are waiting to be cooked in the kitchen at the farmhouse, says estate owner Ulrik Th. Jørgensen.