Guide / Copenhagen
”I can be a tourist in my own city — there’s always something new to discover and explore”
Get a full-scaled guide to the perfect Copenhagen summer vacation with Stina Vanessa, CEO of SVPR Public Relations.
1 Jul 2021

Stina Vanessa is the CEO & PR Director of Copenhagen-based SVPR Public Relations. Her network is big, and her knowledge of the Danish capital is top-tier, with an especially fine-tuned eye for fashion.

The best thing — in the summer or in general — that makes me proud of Copenhagen: 

The sense of freedom and the shared love for the city that is constantly in the air — the high-quality lifestyle is ubiquitous. The fact that I can be a tourist in my own city is a big plus, there’s always something new to discover. During summer you can really feel how the city is reborn. People fall in love with the city again. It’s a little urban and creative pearl close to the sea. We have the sea, the urban parts, nature, you name ut!

People are also ambitious, and they work hard for what they believe in and dream of. We have a strong cultural scene and strong names within architecture, design, art, music, fashion and great food to say the least. You feel the mix of cultures from all over the world gathered in one place, and still, it’s a very small town.

Last but not least then it’s a clean city. It inspires you to be active, explore and feel healthy.

My favourite weekend routine: 

Going for an early morning dip followed by a nice black coffee in the sun at La Banchina. I love the ice-cold water and to enjoy some peace and quiet before the city wakes up. We often come for lunch as well, which is also very recommendable. 

My favourite cultural spot:

Christiania. It is so unique and reflects our culture so well. It’s an old military base that was taken over by settlers and is now a world-famous landmark. Nature is wild and beyond anything else you’ll see in Copenhagen, and you’ll find some amazing biodynamic and vegetarian food places.

Den grå Hal is an amazing concert hall in Christiana, one of my best concert experiences was seeing Patti Smith there.

My favourite breakfast place:

Andersen & Maillard in Nørrebro and Nordhavn! Simply the best home-roasted coffee in town, amazingly modern danish pastries and crisp sourdough bread. 

My favourite place for dining out:

Mother in Kødbyen is great, no-nonsense italian food. The place is an institution and loved by locals just as much as foreigners. There’s a very special and relaxed atmosphere and their sourdough pizzas made with seawater are beyond comparison. 

Also, I have to anme Ranée’s. It’s the only real Thai restaurant in Copenhagen, and also a true institution but for locals. It’s super unpretentious and there’s a family atmosphere. 

My favourite place for an ice cream or other refreshments:

Siciliansk Is in Vesterbro. That is true Italian ice cream for real. The guy working there recommended trying chocolate and lemon together. Normally I would always go for Pistachio, but I must admit he was right!

Ice Cream or art? Go to Siciliansk Is and find out!

My favourite place for a bath:

La Banchina, or up North of Copenhagen in Charlottelund – then I actually found a new, super beautiful little secret beach not far from Dyrhaven last week. It made me think of a small strip of beach in Naples. 

My favourite excursion or city escape:

A nice walk in Dyrhaven, North of Copenhagen in the fall or winter. The changing colours are amazing and you can get really close to the deers.

I also love a day trip to Louisiana, the Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk. The exhibitions are high level, the architecture and surrounding nature is an experience in itself.

Actually, I’m going to Bornholm next week where I’m gonna stay at Nordlandet and go for dinner at Kadeau. I love that the natural environment is very rough and different from the rest of Denmark. Definitely worth a visit!

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative we want to promote:

I find that architect Danielle Siggerud to be an incredibly talented architect and interior designer that we’re gonna see much more from in the future. The same goes for carpenter Salem Charabi. He has an incredible sense for aesthetics and his love for the materials and his craft really shines through in every piece and work he does!

Also, award-winning composer Louise Alenius from the Royal Theatre is definitely one to keep an eye out for. She really explores her metier, and approaches and breaks strong tabu’s in her work, but at the same time with the greatest understanding and respect. She is currently working on her first opera for the Royal Theatre that will be out in spring 2022. 

I would also love to see Fashion Designer Simone Smith Adrian do more of her own stuff. She was in the final of the Designers’ Nest Award when I was Creative Director there, and I have been following her work since. She is currently working for Y/Projects in Paris. Within Danish fashion, I look forward to following the next steps of A. Roege Hove. 

My favourite hotel for a staycation:

Hotel Sanders I think. It feels very homie, like a living room and kitchen with nice food. The drinks are also very good and the sunlight and sun reflections at the rooftop terrace in the summer makes you feel like you’re on some exotic island.

My favourite route for a run or walk: 

Amager Strand or the quiet little path around Christiania with all the unique, little homemade houses. In summer it is so incredibly green that it feels like you have a roof of plants and flowers over your head. It is one of the areas in town where you find the most birds too, more than 500 species I’ve read!

My favourite place for fashion:

My style is what I will call ”casual chic”. I have my favourite places to shop my favourite brands and staples from them. I prefer brands based on a sustainable vision and who create timeless pieces of good quality. 

I always wear Birkenstock in summer and perhaps change for a pair of Castañer in between or a pair of heels in the evening. I go to Hollygolightly to find some of my wardrobe staples from AF Agger, Cristaseya, The Vampires Wife and sleepwear and towels from Tekla.

Flatlist just opened their little new, super cool flagship shop in Kronprinsensgade. A little gem held completely in red velvet. Here you find all their new icon glasses. 

In winter I have my one-stop destination for sweaters at Andersen- Andersen. Once you try those sweaters you never gonna want to wear anything else. It is perfection. They have saved me through many ice-cold winters in Copenhagen. For a coat, Herskind did a beautiful long wool coat in the perfect brown tone for fall 21.

My favourite space for great design: 

Studio X! Kirstine Meier, founder and creative director, has an impeccable taste and a great feel for mixing brands, styles and textures. It’s such an inspiration to spend time in the store with its ever-changing environments and setups. She herself describes the store as a lab which it very much is. It is in constant movement and her team never stops exploring, which you feel the moment you walk in.

My favourite example of tech innovation in Copenhagen: 

Bloom Festival, which takes place each year in Copenhagen. It’s super innovative and creative and you can come and discover some amazing and eyeopening new initiatives each year!

Studio X

My favourite local media:

I like listening to podcasts while going for a long walk or run and Zetland is definitely one of my favourite online papers and podcasts. Speaking of podcasts, I also listen to the Scandinavian MIND podcasts a lot!

Børsen Pleasure is also a  media with a great focus on Copenhagen and its personalities.

My favourite thing at home: 

My baby girl, Lola. She’s nine months old and such an explorer already. She’s definitely gonna try a lot of the good food in town in the coming years.

I am also very pleased with our big couch from Eilersen at Anton Dam in Frederiksberg, and my Kangaroo Chair from Pierre Jeanneret at Louisa Roe Gallery in the centre of Copenhagen. We are changing office next month and I think I’m gonna bring the chair to the new space.