Transition Labs partners with Running Tide to sustainably remove carbon from the atmosphere
”Several of the solutions to the climate crisis already exist — but they need to be identified, invested in, and scaled up,” says founder and chairman of Transition Labs, Davíd Helgason.
29 Jun 2022

At Iceland Innovation Week, as part of the Ok, Bye! Conference, entrepreneur Davíd Helgason (pictured above) announced the launch of climate initiative Transition Labs. With a background in the gaming industry, he took interest in ”green gaming,” before stretching that interest into the transition to a low-carbon economy and connecting people and technology to decarbonise the world. He and his team have founded Transition Labs to accelerate this transition to a climate-positive future, partnering with the highest impact climate projects from around the world and helping them to rapidly deploy and scale, in Iceland and elsewhere.

— Several of the solutions to the climate crisis already exist — but they need to be identified, invested in, and scaled up, he says. Deploying and scaling real-world solutions and technologies can have a long lead time, and we aim to cut down that lead time with our expertise and network. To meet global climate goals, we have to act now. Every moment in speeding up the deployment of effective solutions counts.

Running Tide is a technology company that amplifies the ocean’s natural systems to sustainably remove carbon from the atmosphere, reverse ocean acidification, restore ocean health, deliver direct benefits to coastal communities, and restore ecosystems. It’s also Transition Labs’ first partner company. The partners are the leading carbon removal purchasers as well as world-class climate and ocean scientific organisations and Iceland will be its first location outside of the US, marking the start of the global expansion. 

— Our operations as a carbon-negative supply chain require clean energy sources, access to the deep ocean, established shipping infrastructure, and excellent local talent — particularly in ocean science, advanced manufacturing, shipping and logistics, technology, and maritime expertise. Iceland delivers all that and so much more. We are deeply grateful for the support in developing, deploying, and scaling solutions that will combat climate change and improve lives, both in Iceland and around the world, says Marty Odlin, founder and CEO and a 4th generation commercial fisherman.

Marty Odlin at the OK, Bye! Conference. All pictures: Sigurjón Ragnar

— Running Tide has a potentially massive impact, is ready to be scaled, and can leverage so much of Iceland’s unique strengths. Iceland is the only country in the world with 100% green and sustainable electricity production. But the country has so much else to offer — a world-class talent pool in science and engineering, our deep maritime experience and excellence, and our government and public’s core commitment to support and enable global climate solutions, co-founder and CEO of Transition Labs, Kjartan Olafsson, adds.

David Helgason and Kjartan Ólafsson.