Join us for Transformation Conference Copenhagen 2024
Our flagship event debuts at CIFF during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Here are the first confirmed speakers!
26 Jun 2024

Can Data Save Fashion? Welcome to be part of Nordic’s leading cross-industry event on how to solve the textile industry’s transformation.

9 August
CIFF, Bella Center, Copenhagen

Panels and keynotes: 9.00–12.00
Networking lunch: 12.00–13.00
Round table discussion: 13.00–14.00


Can Data Save Fashion?

Against the backdrop of upcoming EU legislation, we’ll explore how technology, collaboration, and innovation can drive sustainability and digitalisation. From regulatory compliance to scalable innovations, we’ll address the key challenges and opportunities shaping our industry’s future. 


How to solve fashion’s data challenges

Scalable innovations in software and data will be key to transformation. But how do we implement them? And can the fashion industry actually receive them?  

Navigating legislation

From greenwashing communication to Digital Product Passport. We discuss the most important legislation and the roadmap to comply.

How to bridge the capital divide

Solving the fashion sustainability crisis will require investments upwards of 1 trillion euros. Where will the money come from?

Recycling in the value chain

How to solve collecting and recycling textiles at scale – and the innovators that aim to solve it.

Designing for a new future

We discuss with leading designers how upcycling, deadstock, and other conscious choices will influence fashion.


Dr. Achim Berg, Fashion Industry Expert

Dr. Achim Berg is a fashion and luxury industry expert, advisor, investor, author, speaker and lecturer. After a 24 years storied career with McKinsey & Company,  where was instrumental in founding  and leading the global Apparel, Fashion and Luxury practice, he is now fully focusing on personally advising leading decision makers in the fashion and luxury space. Furthermore, he has started working on a book investigating the “The Future of Fashion”.  Achim Berg splits his time between Germany, Sweden and the UK.

Else Skjold, Associate Professor design and sustainability, Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen

Else Skjold is associate professor, PhD, in design and sustainability at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen. She is also founder of the MA ‘Fashion, Clothing & Textiles – New Landscapes for Change’, head of KLOTHING – Center for Apparel, Textiles & Ecology Research, and workstream leader for textiles in the mission-based partnership TRACE ( funded by the Danish government under the Innovation Fund Denmark. Her topic of research is anchored in so-called wardrobe research focusing on ways garments create value for their wearer, which she has used as a departure for investigating and developing green transition together with Danish fashion- and textiles companies for nearly two decades. In Denmark, she is the leading voice of fashion sustainability in the public debate.

Daniel Di Benedetto, Sales Director, Centric Software

Coming from an engineering background, Daniel Di Benedetto has more than 20 years’ experience in PLM, AI and Big Data of which  more than 15 specifically in the Retail business. Understanding the importance of Sustainability driving change yet enabling profitable business in a very complex business environment is his focus. He now leads Centric Software’s Northern European Sales market sits on a few committees as a board member.

Marie Busck, Chief Sustainability Officer, Danish Fashion & Textile

Marie Busck is the Chief Sustainability Officer at Danish Fashion & Textile. DM&T is the organization of the entire fashion, textile, lifestyle and sports industry. DM&T helps the Danish fashion and textile industry daily with eye-level advice.

Emilia Gädda, Chief Advisor for Sustainability and Circular Economy, Finnish Textile & Fashion

Emilia Gädda is the Chief Advisor for Sustainability and Circular Economy at Finnish Textile & Fashion, the central organization of Finnish textile, clothing, and fashion companies. She joined Finnish Textile & Fashion in the autumn of 2022 and has more than ten years of solid experience working with sustainability and circular economy in the Finnish private sector. 

Jenny Wärn, Director of Product Operations of TrusTrace

Jenny Wärn is the Director of Product Operations of TrusTrace. With more than 15 years of experience in delivering impactful technology solutions for a wide range of industries, Jenny is now combining her passion for sustainability with her knowledge of unlocking digital enablers to contribute to sustainable transformation in fashion and textiles. She heads up the complex innovation projects for TrusTrace, such as the Digital Product Passport (DPP) pilot, building a fully functioning data infrastructure to support the data collection and distribution for the DPP.

David Thunmarker, Senior Advisor, Impulso

David is the Former CEO of Tiger of Sweden and Oscar Jacobson. He currently serves as Senior Advisor for Impulso, a SaaS company that amplifies product sell-through by connecting brands and retailers in unprecedented ways.

Sofie Dolva, Director of Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF)

Jess Fleischer, Founder, Son of a Tailor

Heidi Svane, Head of Digital, Lifestyle & Design Cluster

Heidi Svane excels in merging innovation, technology, and circular business models within academia and the lifestyle industry. Her projects span futuristic fashion and furniture tech in locations like San Francisco, South Korea, and Amsterdam, integrating advanced technology experiments with customer data, virtual showrooms, blockchain, IoT, and big data. Heidi’s background as a retail entrepreneur, combined with a Master’s degree in Strategy, Management, and Innovation, positions her as the current Head of Digital at Lifestyle & Design Cluster.

Stina Billinger, Sustainability & Public Affairs, Syre

Stina is the Sustainability & Public Affairs at Syre, whose mission is to decarbonize and dewaste textiles, starting with polyester. Stina is former State Secretary & Chief of Staff, Swedish Government and Head of Sustainability at Storebrand and SPP.

Simon Hjelte, CEO & co-founder NOMS

Simon has 20+ years of experience in the fashion industry value chain, shop work, and retail purchasing, running his own companies in the field of micro-production and retail. Led change work and business development with associated responsibilities for the financial outcome of SME companies in an international market space. Trained tailor and pattern designer are important skills to ensure feasibility in production innovation.

Konrad Olsson, Editor-in-chief and Founder, Scandinavian MIND

Konrad Olsson is the founder and editor-in-chief of Scandinavian MIND, a magazine and platform covering the intersection of lifestyle and technology. He regularly advises companies and organisations on brand strategy, communication, and digital transformation.