This handsome brand adds next-level functionality to your everyday gloves
You don’t even have to worry about losing one of them on your morning commute.
10 Feb 2022

If you ask entrepreneur Ingrid von Konow, few accessories are as elegant as a pair of matching leather gloves.

— We think gloves are a forgotten accessory that deserves to be prioritized in everyone’s wardrobe, she tells.

In 2019, she founded the label Handsome Stockholm together with Ulrika Fohgelberg Nordén. Aiming to perpetuate a culture where everyone consumes fashion in a responsible way, their entire range is made to be versatile and permanently available instead of for temporary trends. 

— This way we reduce all overproduction, but we also make it possible to offer our ”Lose One, Buy One” service that’s completely unique in the industry. We use leathers sourced from a tannery in Naples, Italy, which uses modern methods to ensure minimal waste and environmental impact. The leathers are then carefully crafted by hand at a family-owned glove atelier in Pécs, Hungary, whereas the knitted cashmere gloves and linings are produced in Italy.

Not even three years in, the gloves have been worn by profiles such as Rihanna, Madonna, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Chrissy Teigen, Sofia Richie, and Jennifer Hudson. 

— A few weeks ago, we saw Camila Cabello wearing them during her Christmas concert at the White House. To me that was very special, says von Konow.

Still quite unusual for this product category, a majority of the gloves have touchscreen functionality. And it doesn’t stop there, in terms of functionality.

— We have developed washable leather gloves that can be cleaned the same way as when washing your hands. You can also apply hand sanitizing gel, which is very unique, as they’re made out of a special material including a fat that makes them water repellent.

What’s next?

— We are focusing on international expansion and are also planning to launch new verticals for gloves. Without being too specific we are aiming at becoming the world’s most sought-after brand for designer gloves that includes casual gloves, evening gloves, red carpet gloves, as well as for certain sports, von Konow concludes.