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Sandqvist uses 3D renderings of samples to reduce impact and increase design flexibility
”When we realized the pandemic’s impact on the production chain, we saw an opportunity to challenge ourselves,” tells co-founder and commercial director Daniel Sandqvist.
12 Jan 2022

Combining functionality with a sustainable mindset, accessories brand Sandqvist has been a pioneer in carefully thought-out Scandinavian design since 2004. As the pandemic has impacted the world’s entire supply chain, Daniel Sandqvist and his colleagues saw the opportunity to change something that they have wanted to do for several years, joining the likes of Peak Performance and Nike.

— When we realized the pandemic’s impact on the production chain, we saw an opportunity to challenge ourselves and change something. Instead of producing a collection of samples — which are used to show to retailers at trade fairs, among other things — we’ll switch to showing and selling our collections at 3D renderings. The need to be able to work with samples is fundamental but not using physical samples not only gives us the opportunity to reduce our emissions and environmental impact but also gives greater flexibility when we design products, he tells.


— It shortens the process and gives us increased flexibility in the work with new designs and when we’re updating existing products. We get a faster grasp of how the design expression changes when we add or change something, which enables us to test more different options.

The 3D renderings have been developed by Swedish 3Dear.

— They’ve produced them based on our sketches, where I’d say that only a trained eye can see the difference between these renderings and the real product. The decision to do this has a direct impact on the consumption of materials and energy during production. Furthermore, the number of transports is reduced, where we estimate to reduce its emissions by 5-6 tonnes of CO2 per year, Sandqvist concludes. 

The 3D renderings debut this January, showing Sandqvist’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection