The POC Ventral Lite helmet has a scaled-down weight, but a boosted safety
World-leading technology and design make the helmet weigh less than an apple.
18 Mar 2021

Since 2005, POC has been a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body armour, apparel, and accessories in snow sports and cycling. The distinguished scaled-down design approach wins yearly design prizes, but the safety parameter is also up to par, keeping adrenalin junkies and commuters both safe and stylish.

POC’s new road helmet Ventral Lite is the latest addition to the range, and it’s the lightest helmet to date from the brand. Coming in at 180 grams (in size small), it weighs about as much as a medium-sized apple. It is meant for riders who prioritize weight and ventilation above all else but doesn’t want to cut back on safety and design.

— Riders who are focused on climbing or ride in hotter conditions are extremely conscious about weight, ventilation, and comfort, which is where the Ventral Lite, our lightest-ever helmet will excel, says Oscar Huss, Head of Product.

The Ventral Lite takes inspiration from POC’s first biking helmet Octal, but finely-tuned modifications on straps, liner, shell, and structure have made the Ventral Lite even lighter.