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CAKE and Dometic join forces in fully electric food delivery solution
Food delivery that treats the environment and your fine-dining takeout with the utmost respect.
12 Jan 2021

Swedish electric mobility company CAKE has turned to compatriot mobility company Dometic for a new, purpose-built food delivery box. The delivery box is powered by the CAKE Ösa model’s battery engine to keep your takeout tikka massala warm and your milkshake chilled at the same time.

The two companies state that it’s during ”the last mile” that your delivery turns unpleasantly soggy, greasy, or cold, and that the high-end delivery box can help ambitious restaurants and chefs to deliver the food without ruining the fine-dine experience. This is done by the separate heated compartments and electrostatic air purification system that keeps the food box free from doors of previous deliveries.

A luxury food delivery box meant for fine dining comes a good time. The current COVID19-related restrictions and laws have taken their toll on the restaurant industry. It is now a must for restaurants to offer takeout. AutoMobilSport writes that the mean annual growth rate (CAGR) of food delivery is expected to be 10% in the next coming five years (during 2020, food delivery rose with 22%).

— Restaurants and consumers all over the world demand quality and innovative solutions in the snowballing food delivery market. Imagine if meals could be delivered home in a way that they get to your table in restaurant quality? Instead of cold meals, it would be like you were sitting in the restaurant yourself enjoying the meal the way the chef wanted you to. That will satisfy restaurants, delivery companies, and consumers. Dometic has a head start with its expertise in temperature-sensitive solutions. And, together with CAKE, we have the expertise to deliver complete solutions that answer the needs of these users, says Peter Kjellberg, CMO & Head of Other Global Verticals at Dometic.