The coming Stockholm Fashion Week puts the spotlight on tech and innovation
Secretary-general Catarina Midby on the new hybrid format, the fashion week’s special tech and innovation conference, and what more to expect this week.
21 Jun 2021

The entire week will begin with Fashion Future, a half-day conference on fashion, sustainability, technology, and innovation to increase knowledge and awareness on areas where Swedish fashion is already leading the way.

— Since we relaunched Stockholm Fashion Week about a year ago, we have always included conversations about these important topics in the programme. There are many sustainability conferences around today, and they seem to be populated by the same people, the ones in the know, the experts, and the industry. By including this content in fashion week we reach further. You need to understand and know to engage, says Midby, continuing,

— Fashion week as a concept is entirely different today and in its traditional format only relevant in main fashion cities like Paris and Milan. However, it’s important to the industry to showcase and maintain Swedish fashion’s strong positioning both locally and internationally, to bring together designers and brands, and promote areas where Swedish fashion is at the forefront globally: design, creativity, sustainability, and technology. Fashion is an important part of Swedish business, representing no less than 11% of Swedish exports. This needs to be acknowledged and supported by the Swedish government in order to maintain this status. Neither Swedish Fashion Association nor Stockholm Fashion Week are supported by the state, as opposed to all other Nordic and European mirror organisations and fashion week events. This needs to change.

Catarina Midby

The lineup for Fashion Week includes around 25 brands, among them Stand Studio, Diemonde, and BLK DNM, in a new hybrid format.

— Some brands are producing digital presentations, and some are planning for physical fashion shows or events around anything from an art installation to a festival or in a more intimate way. In addition, there will be exhibitions, performances, and many dinners and parties — everyone is eager to meet and socialise after all this time in isolation, Midby tells, continuing,

— We want to show leadership by being flexible and adapting to new times, presenting a diverse fashion week format allowing for a number of ”show” disciplines, physical or digital, and always documented on, accessible to all. Also by educating and inspiring our followers on sustainability, technology, and innovation.