Fashion startup Yagya on why it’s about time to reinvent the equestrian wardrobe
Emelie Jinhee Johnsson and Matilde Urdinola couldn’t find riding wear fitting their personal style, designed to take the wearer from street to stable. They saw the opportunity to create a new narrative — and so they did.
11 Jun 2021

Jinhee Johnsson has a background in advertising, working in some of Sweden’s most prestigious advertising agencies, as an internationally highly awarded art director. Urdinola, on her side, has a sales, business, and entrepreneur background combined with the start-up scene and board work. Together, they’ve founded Yagya on the shared belief of bringing a new approach to riding.

— We make riding wear designed to take you from street to stable, they tell, and our narrative is centered around equestrian but we behave like a fashion brand. We develop products based on the actual needs of the rider. Take our Belt bag as an example, which we engineered for riding as it holds everything necessary when hacking out (riding on a road, Ed’s note), yet still looks smashing for wearing outside the stable. 

— Our riding breeches are the result of wanting to have riding leggings that weren’t see through — which, unfortunately, many are — and had the durability of a riding pant. It took us 2 years to find the perfect fabric and fit, but it fits like a glove and looks super stylish. Our customers love them.

The collection is divided into two parts. Yagya Essentials is the core collection with timeless classics created to make up the foundation of every solid stable wardrobe and easily combined together or seamlessly blending with the existing garments you already have and wear outside the stable. Additionally, there are seasonal, more progressive drops throughout the year.

— When it comes to fabrics, we have the ”nose to tail” principle, using the same recycled nylon for our jackets as our bag, hat, and saddle pads, says Jinhee Johnsson and Urdinola.

The brand’s next project is to launch the ultimate riding shirt — and a couture Riding Jacket. And, as mentioned, the whole reason behind Yagya is to bring a new approach to riding.

— There are many great brands out there but we saw the opportunity to create a new narrative, more inspired by today. We think it’s very important to broaden the perspective of who’s a rider — we love the fact that horse people are just people who just love horses which we want to celebrate. By showing a variety of riders, horses, stories, and places, we think we can at least broaden the conversation. And a wider conversation is always a good thing, we believe, Jinhee Johnsson concludes.