7 brands adding coolness and innovation to the sunglasses industry
From Scandinavia and beyond, here are the companies pushing the boundaries within eyewear.
16 Jun 2021

Sun Lite by Silhouette

The eyewear innovator continues to push the boundaries for the industry. Their new Sun Lite collection features full-rim frames (meaning that the lenses are fully outlined with a metal or plastic frame, Ed’s note) made of the brand’s own lightweight, strong, and proprietary super-polyamide SPX+. Available in both men’s, women’s, and unisex styles in a broad palette of colours, the titanium temple is tapered for lightness and comfort all day long.

It can even be tailor-fitted with the brand’s own Vision Sensation optical sunglasses lenses at their in-house lab in Linz, Austria, using patented technologies. 

Flatlist’s state-of-the-art styles

The Danish brand has shortly become a leading player when it comes to contemporary coolness in eyewear, both in Scandinavia and through great international success. The statement sunglasses has built a fan base of international opinion leaders, including Kim Kardashian, Travis Scott, and Maja Stepper. It’s made of handmade Italian Mazzucchelli acetate and Carl Zeiss lenses and includes styles inspired by 90’s and 00’s grunge and pop culture as well as functional sport into, what the brand called, the vibrance of the modern-day metropolis. The brand is available at a bunch of the world’s leading retailers, such as Dover Street, KITH, Matches Fashion, Luisa Via Roma, END, and Ssense, as well as their brand new flagship store in central Copenhagen.

Oscar Magnuson introduces eco-lens BioNylon

BioNylon is made from an ecological resin derived from castor oil. The castor plant is grown in semi-arid areas which do not compete with farming crops. An electrical press is used in production lines and the entire production process requires less energy than the production of a classic lens, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions.

This new sustainable lens material is now introduced in Swedish eyewear company Oscar Magnuson’s line. The brand’s frames are made from completely biodegradable bio-acetate which is derived from wood and cotton fibres, so the new lenses are just another proof of the label’s commitment to ecological innovation.

EOE Eyewear’s carved shapes

Founders Erik and Emilia Lindmark stay true to their heritage, born and raised in the Norrland region in northern Sweden. Their new line is inspired by wood carving.

— We want to share the feeling and calmness you get from settling down in the woods and carving out a raw form in wood. But we also want to highlight the more careful craftsmanship around wood carving and at the same time give it a new dimension when it meets an unexpected material and is connected with a fashion accessory, says Elin Sikström, designer.

— The carvings in particular give such a beautiful geometric, slightly short-cut expression that we want to convey in our design. When we started the design process for our new sunglasses, we played with the idea of ​​what it could look like if we carved in acetate the geometric shape of the glasses, and the level of detail, says her design colleague, Camilla Lindberg.

Speaking of acetate, the new line is, as usual, made of an eco-friendly one, from a mixture of wood pulp and cellulose. It does not contains any petroleum or phthalates, which are considered to be so toxic that it is even prohibited in the production of toys and other children’s products…

Izipizi’s new Slim line

In 2020, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, French brand Izipizi set an ambitious goal to halve the carbon footprint for their glasses in 3 years by adapting their transport methods, updating their sales methods, and getting their partners involved. 

This spring, they unveil their first collection of more environmentally friendly glasses, made from 45% caster oil, a sustainable biosourced material that contains less non-renewable components, which means lower carbon emissions during production. The Slim line is 20% slimmer and 40% lighter than the brand’s #D frames and also includes slim and eco-friendly packaging.

Pandemic safe screen sunglasses

The different kinds of protection we have worn have found their way into the fashion scene and this season’s sunglasses. Retailer Synsam’s brand Ai Eyewear just launched  their Shield silhouette in a limited edition with a futuristic feel.

— The very latest and perhaps most striking this season in fashion is a sun arch or a sunshade with multiple uses. Either as a ”must have” accessory or as a practical ”right in time solution” for those who want extra protection for the eyes and face. It is rumored that similar frames will be used frequently on future flights, says Wai Chan, design manager.

Our Legacy’s Earth line

Handcrafted in Portugal from Italian Mazzuchelli acetate, Our Legacy’s unisex eyewear line features lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision and is available in seven different styles. Pictured: Gradient Amber.