Taras Kravtchouk (Tarform) on the future of electric motorcycles
Season 2, episode 5.
29 Sep 2021

Our guest today is Taras Kravtchouk — the Swedish Founder and designer at Tarform, an electric mobility company that makes the most awesome motorcycles out of Brooklyn, New York. Taras is featured in our latest print magazine, in a story photographed and written by our US contributor Agaton Ström. In this podcast, we revisit the audio interview, done by Agaton at the Tarform studio.

In this episode, Agaton and Taras touch upon:

Looking at mobility as an ecosystem of various vehicles.

The new generation growing up with electric vehicles when moving around cities.

How the Swedish upbringing made him respect the environment.

Bridging old and custom motorbikes with new technology.

Batteries are getting cheaper and better.

How Scandinavian minimalism reminds him of martial arts and the state of zen.

How to make a quiet electric bike make sound, for safety. 

Making vehicles other than two-wheelers in the future. 

How mobility will see a massive change in the coming 10 years, many thanks to urbanisation and electrification.