Taking strides — how the Mi 11 Ultra reforms the smartphone camera
Xiaomi focuses on the camera in latest drop, which sets three records for smartphones.
19 Apr 2021

Xiaomi is steadily making moves in the smartphone industry and is already the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Naturally, they can put in some impressive shifts in specs, with its substantial funding, great scale and engineering resources.

For the newly dropped Mi 11 Ultra, the camera packs the most punch. The Samsung GN2 camera sensor is not only a world debut, it’s the world’s largest at 1/1.12″. That is the same size as any mid-range compact camera, which means that the Mi 11 Ultra camera takes one step further towards replacing daily shooters completely.

But what does a bigger sensor mean? Well, in short, a better camera. It allows the camera to read and process light better (which will make night photography a breeze), and can also produce better quality pictures (up to 4-in-1 2.8μm Super Pixels). Other than that, the telephoto lens allows for 120x zoom and the ultrawide lens gives a 128° field of view — two lenses within their category that are second to none in smartphones.

The phone does offer more than a cutting-edge camera though. Like fast-charging that gives you 100% battery within 36 minutes, wireless charging, complete water and dust-resistance, a selfie screen, and speakers made by Harman Kardon. You can read more about the Mi 11 Ultra here.