Swedish EV startup Vidde taps Pininfarina as official design partner
The Swedish snowmobile startup Vidde and the established Italian design house Pininfarina join forces to create the world’s first sustainable electric snowmobile.
2 May 2023

The Swedish snowmobile brand Vidde has entered a partnership with the Italian design house Pininfarina for the launch of their new snowmobile. Together they aim to create the world’s first sustainable electric snowmobile that will last longer and minimise its environmental impact. 

Today, there are estimated 2 million active snowmobiles around the world, generating approximately 20 kg of CO2 per ride, more than twice as much as a car. This is something Vidde and Pininfarina want to change. Their ambition is to create an attractive, purposeful and lasting snowmobile that will become an alternative to the traditional fossil-powered snowmobiles.

Vidde has, besides their partnership with Pininfarina, already joined forces with RISE, the Research Institutes of Sweden, an organisation supporting Swedish businesses in the process to make Sweden leading in the development to become one of the first fossil-free countries in the world. Together, the trio is here to transform the snowmobile industry from the ground.  

Vidde x Pininfarina.

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