Omniblonde presents special complex aiming to offer next-gen technology for blonde hair care
After meeting each other, one former hairdresser and one entrepreneur reached out to their ”blonde sisters” around the globe, asking what they were looking for and missing in their hair routines. A lot, it turned out.
25 Apr 2022

2% of the world’s population are naturally blonde and 30-40% of people choose to be it. Entrepreneur Lene Mønster and former hairdresser Anette Thrane (pictured above) reached out to this vast target group and when they answered what they missed in their current hair routines, five things occurred.

— Shine, strength, moisture, volume, and tone. We named these The Five Key Pillars of the brand and then went back to the lab to find our own unique formulas that make perfectly healthy blonde hair, without any harmful ingredients. They’re clinically proven to repair and rebuild the hair — leaving it healthier, stronger, and shinier, the duo says.

Omniblonde’s Violet Wonder.

The heart of the recently launched brand, Omniblonde, and its products is something called Omni Lightening Defense Complex, and the pH level is also playing a crucial role.

— The complex is next-generation technology for blonde hair care — working like a time machine rejuvenating hair and bringing hair back to its original state. The complex works by treating both the inside and outside of the hair strand. It binds to hair cuticles, effectively repairing the hair from the inside, and offering long-term protection on the outside. The result: stronger, shinier hair, and less frizz, for salon professionals as well as consumers. A safe, but effective, choice for hair care, in a packaging with a sophisticated look and feel, Mønster and Thrane state. They add:

— The pH level of each product plays an important role in the health of your hair. We choose the pH levels in our products based on the purpose of each of them. Our shampoos have a pH of 5.5 – 6.5 because we found this to be the optimum level for leaving the hair clean and healthy while restoring ingredients stay effective. Our conditioners and treatments have low pH levels to close the hair, providing longer-lasting colour, less frizz, and more moisture and shine.

Can the products be used by anyone, regardless of hair colour?

— Our goal is to provide products that incorporate ingredients that address issues most important to blondes. Going forward, we will continue to invent high-quality products for blonde hair to expand the range, based on the feedback we receive from stylists and their blonde clients, Thrane and Mønster conclude.