Supernormal just opened a ”gateway” for men to test, treat, track, and optimise their health
Following an invitation-only space, the startup soon opens to the public, presenting a special product for the brain and with the goal of removing the stigma around health problems related to sex.
30 Aug 2023

This gateway is how founder and CEO, Gustav Grippe, describes the Stockholm-based healthtech startup.

— It’s a single, digital-first destination where men can find diagnostic tests, proprietary products, and doctors’ consultations, he explains. All built around a personal dashboard that allows men to follow their progress on their journey towards better health. 

How do you want to stand out?

— Thanks to the clarity of our mission, and the quality of our products — from formulation to design to experience. Historically, men have been neglected by the healthcare industry, since they are traditionally in a minority as a consumer group. This needs to change — it’s important and therefore urgent.

Among many other things, Supernormal has also developed Brains, its own daily brain health product.

— Since we began the development process, there has been new research that further reinforces the ability of DHA, which is a type of omega-3 fatty acid, to slow cognitive decline and defend against dementia. So we are proud to have launched with this specific combination of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, just as their effect and urgency is becoming even more clear. 

Another urgent issue is health problems related to sex which, according to Grippe, are still heavily stigmatized and under communicated in proportion to their prevalence. 

— This is especially true for men, a third of which experience erectile dysfunction and close to a quarter premature ejaculation. If there is one thing we’ve seen since our launch, it is that men have the intention to act, and once the journey towards a solution is evident they quickly move from intention to action.

How do you predict the future of men’s health?

— I both hope and believe that more men will understand the benefits of preventative health, as well as diet and exercise, and reverse the current trends we see as far as their physical and mental health are concerned, Grippe says.

How do you plan to expand the concept?

— When we started Supernormal, we initiated a number of research projects into different areas, as well as specific challenges men face. What we have now launched represents the results of those that were successful and ready for release. More will follow organically as projects reach their conclusion, and as others are initiating, within the blueprint of focus areas we have already shared. Ultimately, we aim to be a true 360-degree health destination for men, which means expanding the tests, products and services we offer exponentially, but this is not a process we intend to rush.

— Following an invitation-only space in Stockholm (pictured below), we’re opening to the public for the first time at Nordiska Kompaniet this September.