Acasia mixes talked-about acids and plant extracts in new peeling launch
Meeting the big ”gentle yet effective” trend.
30 Aug 2023

Award-winning Swedish skincare brand Acasia was founded by AnnaKarin Wahlberg, based on her experience of more than 50,000 performed beauty treatments. A year ago, the brand was acquired by retailer Lyko as part of the latter’s ambitious expansion plans. The first product release after that — though developed long before it — is called Perfect Peeling.

— The concept behind it is to create an advanced peel that effectively removes dead skin cells while also providing relief and care for specific skin conditions like acne and rosacea, Wahlberg explains.

— What makes it unique is the combination of ingredients that work together to promote a clear, smooth, and calm complexion. The formula includes azelaic acid, PHA, Niacinamide, and Biophytex. Azelaic acid, at a concentration of 10%, deeply cleanses pores, while PHA offers similar benefits to AHA acid but with less irritation due to its larger molecules. Niacinamide contributes to even skin tone and increased elasticity, while Biophytex, a plant extract found in our products, helps reduce redness and superficial veins.

When you look at the peeling trends, both micro and macro, what do you see?

— There’s a focus on peels that are both gentle and effective, with nourishing qualities. As for ingredients in peeling products, azelaic acid is at the forefront, alongside others like mandelic acid, ferulic acid, jasmonic acid, and BHA.

— On a broader scale, there’s a shift towards more gentle skincare after years of aggressive routines that could harm the skin barrier. This movement encourages individuals to choose skincare that suits their specific needs, such as bio-retinol which is already present in some of our products.

And for you, what’s next?

— We’re preparing to launch a BHA toner, promising another exciting addition to the lineup.

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