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Solar panels in space, the hottest Helsinki startups, and fashion takeaways from the UN climate report
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13 Aug 2021
  1. SpaceX and a Canadian startup plan to launch a satellite that will beam adverts into space. Anyone can buy pixels on the satellite’s screen with dogecoin — Business Insider
  2. BIG and ICON to 3D-print structure exploring “new Martian vernacular” for NASA — Dezeen
  3. The 10 facts that prove we’re in a climate emergency — Wired UK
  4. Caltech’s Space-based Solar Power Project could provide Earth with limitless energy — InceptiveMind
  5. How Sweden became the Silicon Valley of Europe — Reuters
  6. The hottest startups in Helsinki — Wired UK
  7. IPCC report: six simple ways to cut your carbon emissions now — Independent
  8. Why the world’s largest firefighting plane is not fighting fires today — Interesting Engineering
  9. Fashion’s takeaways from the UN climate change report — Vogue Business
  10. Watch jetpack daredevils fly alongside the world’s largest passenger airliner — Interesting Engineering