Guide / Aalborg
World-famous architecture and elegant pastries in Aalborg
Guide / VÄsterbotten
Wooden highrise, hockey, and world-loved cheese in northern Sweden
Guide / ReykjavÍk
”Reykjavik seems fast asleep, but look in the right places and it’s full of life”
Guide / HÄrjedalen
”We’ve got lots of space per person, and those square miles contain some really amazing nature”
Guide / SunnmØre
Entrepreneurial spirits and generational innovation among the fjords
Guide / BodØ
Top-notch cultural life above the Arctic Circle
Guide / Trondheim
World-class seafood and downtown ridge walks in Trondheim
Guide / Salo
Forest design inspiration and riverbank jogs in Southern Finland
Guide / Oslo
A harmonious blend of culture and architecture, plus stunning fjords adding to its beauty, in Oslo
Guide / Bergen
”Bergen always has something to offer and it always manages to charm and engage”