PÜR EVP Julie Campbell: ”I like to compare product formulation to baking a cake”
The US beauty brand executive believes pure, potent, quality ingredients win the taste test every time.
17 Oct 2023

In 2002, PÜR launched a line of what Julie Campbell, EVP and CMO, describes as ”good-for-you” skincare and makeup.

— We have dedicated years to the art of crafting multitasking beauty solutions that support, and never compromise, a lifestyle, she says. We call our philosophy Beauty, Pure & Simple and it’s backed by clinically proven technology and ingredients that leave skin looking and feeling its best — long after the makeup comes off.

The brand just extended the skincare line with a few easy-to-use and results-oriented products, also bringing in new and improved skin-dulgent ingredients.

— Each of the age-defying products works perfectly together for a super simple skincare routine that helps you achieve healthy, glowy-looking skin in five or less simple steps. While many skincare products today are focused on one skin concern or target, we believe in multitasking and you’ll find results-driven ingredients, including Peptides, Retinol, Ceramides, and Niacinamide. Embracing the ’less is more’ approach to skincare routines, the products are built for all — from the young adult learning about skincare to the on-the-go busy women — in sleek, sustainable packaging. It’s a nod to our heritage and the look and feel of the brand when we started over 20 years ago.

What experiences from creating the makeup range have you taken when catering for your target audience with this new skincare line?

— This collection has been years in the making as we do not take innovation lightly. Our process kicks off with in-depth trend and market research as well as forecasting and whitespace in our line. We also tap into our artistry and field teams, along with our advising aestheticians and dermatologists, and of course, our consumer base to hear what they would like to see next.

— The creation of a new product is a very tricky, delicate balance of form and function and it can take years to perfect. I like to compare product formulation to baking a cake. While two cakes may look the same their taste might be completely different. I believe pure, potent, quality ingredients win the taste test every time.

When you look at 2024, what’s the next big thing for you? 

— Continuing to merge skincare ingredients with the colour formulations for beautifully powerful hybrid formulas, Campbell explains. Key ingredients such as Ceramides, Shea Butter, and Lactic Acid make our multitasking colour products powerhouse hydrators that gently improve the look and feel of skin. From there, we will continue to crowd-tap and understand the white space in our line and find thoughtful ways to curate innovation alongside that feedback.