Picture This opens Scandinavia’s biggest photo art gallery in Stockholm
Situated in the heart of Södermalm, Stockholm, the 750 square meter space aims to inspire and make photo art available for everyone.
27 Feb 2023

Picture This gallery is an expansion of the online marketplace and cultural magazine for photo art, founded by brothers Jan and Per Broman, Moon-Suck Song and Oscar Otteborn in 2022. The idea with the 750 square meter exhibition spot is to host photo exhibitions with renowned photographers on the regular, roughly six to eight shows per year.

— If you come every second week, there will be something you haven’t seen before. We want to be that open space where you can just drop by, say hi and check something out, gallery director Pelle Höglund says.

Pelle Höglund says that the startup’s wide catalogue of artworks was due to a physical showroom. From a customer’s point of view, it is also easier to pick out and purchase art when seeing it on a wall rather than online. 

Swedish photographer Helena Blomqvist and her exhibition On the Ending of Species opened the gallery this past weekend and will run until April 16. The exhibition not only features photography art on the walls but also physical pieces such as sculptures and installations.

— For me, photography has not always been just about art, if an artist chooses to build a model, sculpture, painting, or photograph really doesn’t matter. Helena was a perfect opening show for us because that really sets our brand on how we want to work ahead, Höglund comments.  

The gallery space, Monténska huset, has previously taken the form of both a boxing club and computer server space.

— We just shaved every layer off, it was like an archaeological site. We stripped everything and made it super clean, Höglund explains. 

All the art in the gallery will be able to be bought. The price tags will be in a wide range suitable for different wallets, but with the same high quality. If not to buy art, the gallery is meant to be a spot for inspiration and cultural experiences. 

— We’re not going to be turtleneck art snobs. We want to be open and friendly and bring photography to the people. To show them international high-end photography on their home turf.

Monténska huset.