Petter Stordalen (Nordic Choice) on staying positive
Petter Stordalen is the founder of Nordic Choice Hotels, and owner of several iconic travel and hotel establishments in Scandinavia, including Hurtigruten, Ving airlines, and At Six hotel in Stockholm.
2 Jun 2021

In this conversation, Petter talks about:

The new Comfort Hotel Solna having one and a half solar panels per room. 

How Nordic people and their optimistic mentality helps during a crisis.

How the last 15 months have been more brutal to the travel industry than all the previous crisis, combined. 

Taking brutal choices in firing friends and colleagues. 

What he does to keep his employees optimistic by trying not to focus on the numbers.

Why zoom meetings will never beat physical ones.

The future of inter-Nordic travel.

His best advice for any company that is struggling. 

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