Straight Design Studio celebrates skilled craftsmen in new Artefacts line
Local production in small numbers, nonsuitable for mass production.
16 Dec 2020

All of the products in the Stockholm-based studio’s growing selection of items — in a clean, straight design that speaks for itself — are made by hand on demand by a number of artisans and craftsmen.

The most eye-catching one of the, so far, six objects is the dining table. Combining the materials of black steel and diabase, the thin tabletop rests on a solid pillar — both of them carved out of stone. To balance the parts of stone, there’s a steel construction of four legs, connected to a circle. This construction provides the table with a design that is substantial and heavy, yet slim and elegant. There are also two smaller side tables, using the same materials, where the first one is based on the same design as the dining table, just turned upside down. The second one consists of a solid pillar of stone with a circle of steel thrust in it and supported with only one leg. All three tables are made by Kullaro.

Artefacts also includes a vase in black or transparent glass, organic and playful in its shape, and produced by Kristin Larsson. To finish off, the serving plates in black and white stoneware by Handcrafted Stockholm highlights the food products served upon it. With inspiration from the oyster which always tips over, they’re designed to positioning and balance its content in a playful and sophisticated way. They’re constructed with a lot of space but with different features, consisting of concavities and convexities to use, for serving different dishes and hors d’oeuvre in or on it.