Our top 10 sustainability stories in 2021
Our selection of the best innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators driving change and giving us all hope for the year to come.
22 Dec 2021

Lesson learned? 5 takeaways from the fashion industry’s role at COP26

The United Nations Climate Change Conference stressed the importance of climate action within fashion and will, hopefully, propel the fashion industry towards sustainability.

How Enerpoly’s next generation of battery technology can let anyone get access to clean energy

CEO Eloisa de Castro shares insights on today’s challenges for energy storage — and how recharging something that’s been previously non-rechargeable can change everything.

Unique technology enables resizing in garments with a single push of a button

”We combine a smart polymer thread with a memory effect function, and a conductive thread,” Nano Textile’s founder Sam Issa explains.

Vestre and Note Design Studio create biodiverse utopia in the heart of Milan

Last year, Note Design Studio’s stand for Norwegian furniture brand Vestre became Best stand at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. When Milan Design Week returned, the two players reused as much material as possible from the previous exhibition to create a new one — called Mixed Habitat — including 596 porotherm bricks that made up the interior walls.

The Aurora Botnia paves the way for environmentally friendly cruise ships

Typical passenger ferries and cruise ships have a huge environmental impact, both locally and globally. But it’s not all gloom and loom, the most environmentally-friendly passenger ferry in the world is already cruising between Finland and Sweden.

Linda Nurk grows her own silkworms to produce biodegradable ”Couture Vivante”

”For every new phase you see them develop and change and along with that comes the next stage and the next challenge,” the Swedish designer tells.

Why electric roads are the way to go for the future of charging infrastructure

Swedish e-Mobility start-up Elonroad’s CEO Karin Ebbinghaus shares that what we might consider as wishful thinking when it comes to the next generation’s mobility is soon to become a reality.

This new hotel suite is made of 100% Swedish wood from floor to ceiling

”In my experience — this has never been made before. No design hotel has ever made a hotel room with local talents, local production, and local materials,” says initiator Stefan Nilsson.

adidas and Allbirds team up for a shoe with <3kg CO2 footprint — here’s how

We speak to the two rival sportswear companies on possibilities, challenges, and what’s more to come after today’s unveiling of what’s said to be ”the lowest carbon running shoe ever” — the FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT collaboration.

8 Scandinavian initiatives extending the life of our garments

We’re all aware that clothing production is one of the biggest contributors to the environmental crisis. The question is: what shall we do about it? We meet 8 Scandinavian players promoting better fashion consumption through old — and new — solutions.