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Norwegian artist Ragnhild Jevne creates box for Xlash to support marine conservation
The beauty company’s latest campaign helps Swedish charity platform Milkywire’s dedicated Save Our Oceans’ fund to support small-scale charity initiatives for better and cleaner oceans.
10 Jun 2022

With her work, the Berlin-based painter and model shares, she strives to drive awareness of production and sustainability through visual stories.

— My passion for production comes from my background in Industrial design, and my passion for this planet comes from my heart, she says.

Tell us more about your artistry.

— I have never been good with words, so painting is my go-to when I want to tell a story. I create in the hope of spreading a message about production, waste, and the impact it has on our environment. I work with heavy layers of oil paint and the contrast of delicate gold leaf. For me, the heavy layers symbolize the many steps in production and the weight of its toll on our planet. On the other hand, gold symbolizes one of the most precious materials one can own; a material I believe no one would ever throw away, and one that can be very easily melted down and shaped into something new without waste. I typically use bright colours, which is my way of shouting, and my work features meticulously maintained lines despite the thick layers of paint and fickle nature of the gold leaf. This is both my natural style — I am Norwegian, I like precision! — and my way of showing contrast in how we think and behave, and treat our products, says Jevne.

She’s just released a limited-edition box for Swedish beauty company Xlash in order to give extra emphasis on Ocean Day this week.

— I created the artwork of the ocean day box, utilizing my visual storytelling. What inspired me for this project was, of course, the ocean and I asked myself ’what is the ocean?’ To me, the ocean is a whole other world that is still mostly unknown to us. I wanted the artwork to feel busy, full of life, and show the diversity of creatures that live beneath the ocean’s surface. What really motivated me is that approximately €10 of each sale is donated to Milkywire’s Save Our Oceans fund, says Jevne.

Jevne’s Ocean Box for Xlash, including best-sellers and new launches.