Norse Projects on how to use particles from volcanic sand to innovate our wardrobes
Merging Scandinavian functionality with patented technology.
30 Jan 2023

The Danish creative studio and brand celebrates its 20th anniversary next year and has built up a reputation as a minimal, functional, and progressive brand, focusing on research, innovation, and technology. Head of marketing, Jon Grossert, describes the latest launch, ARKTISK, as a capsule collection built for ”the exploration of any landscape”.

— We aim to deliver assurance for the ’pioneers’ to overcome all obstacles. The line is born from a desire to innovate and deliver solutions for the exploration of any terrain. We call it a System for All Conditions and it’s based on innovation and technical features.

ARKTISK is engineered from a combination of selected natural and synthetic fibres and uses a special technology, called 37.5, for a series of Merino knits.

— It’s patented and uses active particles made from volcanic sand, Grossert explains. These particles are a desiccant that attracts water vapour. They also absorb infrared light in the spectrum that the human body emits, and this light is the energy that powers the particles. If no moisture, or sweat vapour, is present, meaning you’re cold, the particles return this energy to warm you. If moisture is present, meaning you’re hot, the particles use this energy to move moisture out of the clothing. The particles are naturally derived and the technology has been proven to help your body manage core temperature and increase stamina, helps your body maintain an optimum relative humidity — of 37.5% — in your personal microclimate, and traps odours and then releases them when washed and dried.

How has the launch been, and how will you move on with the concept?

— We built the concept on what we knew we were already excelling at — outerwear and knitwear — so, in that sense, it’s been a natural extension of Norse Projects. We’ve seen really good traction for the concept from day one. Moving forward, we’re seeking to cover even more gaps in the field with our assortment so that the pioneer that we cater to is even better equipped. Essentially, covering gear and menswear in one.