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Newly-launched interactive fitness mirror aims to provide a new digital workout experience
When turned off, it may also function as an interior piece.
12 May 2022

Last year, fitness company SATS launched its new Norwegian-Swedish concept for digital training, called Mentra. It now offers 500+ on-demand classes from a library with cardio, strength, yoga, mobility, dance, pre/post-natal, and more. And it has also launched its very first product, an interactive fitness mirror based on Android technology called Rflex.

— It is a combined mirror and digital touch screen, letting you follow the coach and yourself at the same time, says Christian Øvregaard, Head of Mentra. Through the full-scale mirror with built-in speakers, camera, and Bluetooth, you get a completely different workout experience than with other forms of home training. And, an even lower barrier to working out when and how you like, accessing all of the content with just a tap of a finger. Rflex is also interactive, you can for example work out with others in live classes, or connect a heart rate monitor to get feedback on heart rate zones. And through the built-in camera, you can even communicate directly with a PT — in your own living room.


During the pandemic, this product was obviously a natural choice, given the restrictions. Now, people might return to the gyms. Are you a complement to that?

— Actually, while the pandemic was certainly a market accelerator, we’ve long been aware of a demand for digital training products. Many gym-goers also seek flexibility and the convenience that comes from doing some of their workouts from home. Furthermore, there are many people who simply don’t enjoy or feel comfortable in the gym. Or, perhaps don’t have access to a gym or other high-quality workout offering. For them, Mentra is a great alternative.

Do you also consider it as an interior piece?

— We absolutely do and Rflex was designed with this in mind. We know people in the Nordics often put great care into their homes and interior, and we wanted to design a product that fits seamlessly into any home and room. The choice of material, colours, quality, and so on all reflects this. And, it’s something we receive great feedback on — when turned off, it’s in fact an elegant piece of furniture, Øvregaard concludes.