The new Oura Ring 3 adds updated heart and blood oxygenation sensors
The Finnish health tech company also include feature updates such as period prediction and guided audio sessions.
27 Oct 2021

Oura has offered the smallest wearable in health tech for more than half a decade now, but the new third generation version also means the petite smart rings can pack as much punch as larger wearables. The titanium Oura rings are lighter than most conventional rings (coming in with a weight of four to six grams, just like the previous version) but are adding new health features nonetheless.

One major update is the period prediction and cycle tracking feature. By mapping and measuring body temperature, the ring can help predict your period up to 30 days in advance. Other news includes blood oxygen sensors and a new 24/7 heart rate reader that will let you learn how your body responds to rushes of the morning commute, an afternoon cup of coffee, or any other daily routines that affect your body.

For the fitness interested user, a workout heart rate and insights feature is also added into the new ring. Track your heart rate during your workouts, and receive post-workout insights that include key heart rate stats, route, distance, pace, and recovery. The new ring can also count your steps, calories burnt, inactive times, and more.

— With the Oura Ring Gen3, we’re challenging the evolution of the wearables industry, says Harpreet Singh Rai, CEO.

— In addition to being one of the most accurate sleep trackers in the world, we’ve now added daytime heart rate and workout heart rate. But more importantly, we’ve remained committed to further researching our community’s most pressing problems. From investing in illness detection to women’s health, we see Oura functioning as a single tool to track and guide your holistic health, translating your body’s hidden messages to improve how you feel, day and night.

Oura originally prioritized sleep before any other wearable on the market, and the third generation ring still rings true to this. Sleep deprivation has been linked to serious chronic conditions such as heart disease, obesity, dementia, and diabetes. Adding to Oura’s existing expertise in sleep tech, they have also added a new library of 50+ videos and audio sessions that can help you relax, get hyped, concentrated, and more.