New face mask synergistically exfoliate and hydrate the skin in one step
Dermalogica launches great multi-functional product for busy lives.
14 Dec 2020

Angela Taylor, Head of Education in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East at Dermalogica, describes how the L.A. skincare brand puts education first.

— Founded in 1986, our product line grew out of a desire to provide skin therapists with best-in-class skincare products and skillset training. And also providing consumers with a source of information they can trust and achieve their healthiest skin.

How often does your skin continue to feel dehydrated even though you have just applied moisturizer? If your skin is dehydrated, it often needs more than just hydration to feel better. It also needs exfoliation. Dermalogica’s latest 5-minute face mask Hydro masque exfoliant does both.

— By exfoliating the skin we stimulate cell turnover and reveal healthy-looking skin, which in turn helps hydrating ingredients penetrate the skin for maximum benefit. The problem is often after exfoliation your skin can feel temporarily more dehydrated, this is why this mask works synergistically to exfoliate and hydrate the skin in one single step, delivering gentle exfoliation alongside an immediate boost of hydration. The result is your skin feels smooth and luminous.

How groundbreaking is it?

— This is definitely an innovative product. It is a blend of two parts, where touch-activated bamboo spheres gently exfoliate while the hydro cream base delivers a hydration boost. The bamboo spheres prime the skin for optimal hydration by releasing ultra-fine bamboo particles to gently exfoliate the skin. Within the hydro cream base, Snow Mushroom has the ability to hold 450x its weight in water allowing it to infuse the skin with hydration, antioxidants, and vitamin D. In addition, Jojoba ester has a film-forming effect on the skin helping to improve the skin’s moisture barrier leaving it super smooth and hydrated. All combined at the same time, I’d describe this as a great multi-functional product, perfect for busy lives! Taylor states.

Depending on your skin’s need, the product can be used 1-2 times a week. 

— You then need to massage in circular motions until the spheres disappear. Let the masque activate for 3-5 minutes then rinse from your skin before following with your treatment products and moisturizer. To enhance your experience, you can use, which uses face-mapping technology to detect dehydrated zones on your face. It then uses this information to create a custom masque experience for you.