Science-based Beauté Pacifique uses Nordic superfruits for innovative serum
A soft texture and moisture-binding effects create a long-lasting boost.
11 Dec 2020

For the premium Danish skincare brand, science, effect, and documentation are three indispensable principles, both in their daily operations and the skincare products they create.

— They’re made to fulfill near-medical claims and the claimed benefits can be demonstrated objectively at the sales outlets by our advanced Medical Ultrasound DermaScan. We use a unique delivery system in our formulation of our products, so the active ingredients work in the deepest layers of the skin. We’re offering free scans of people’s skin and thorough guidance and recommendation from the results. When they come back for a new scan after two or three months using the tailored skincare products, we can show them the effect in the deepest layers of the skin as well as what they can see in the mirror already, tells Mette Schulhauser Nilsen, Export Manager.

The new Superfruit Moisture Enforcement Serum features a bunch of the best ingredients Scandinavian nature can offer.

— It has many preventative and also maintenance benefits and contains extracts and juice from the Nordic superfruits sea buckthorn, cloudberry, lingonberry, sugar beet, and birch. It prevents impurities and redness in young skin while making the skin more even. Two different kinds of extremely water-binding hyaluronic acid provide the skin with a thorough, long-lasting moisture boost, keeping the skin supple. It also contains the B vitamins niacinamide and panthenol, which enhance the ability of the skin’s outermost barrier to protect it from potential everyday impacts and dehydration. All in all, it leaves the skin well moisturised and invests it with a natural glow, preparing it well for day cream and makeup.

It also has a really nice texture. What’s the secret?

— This serum is water-based, and it has this moisturising gel texture from the effective and specially chosen ingredients. Many of the ingredients have a moisture-binding effect and when they all come together they create this soft and delicate texture, says Schulhauser Nilsen.