Expo 2020
Mattias Hansson (Expo 2020 Sweden) on the Olympics of knowledge
Season 1, Episode 34.
19 May 2021

Mattias Hansson is the marketing and programme director for the Swedish participation at the world exhibition in Dubai, the Expo 2020. Scandinavian MIND is official media partner to the exhibition, and will be helping the Swedish Pavillon with events, live talks, exhibitions, and more. 

In this conversation we talk about:

Why physical meetings will always beat digital version to solve great questions.

Why the World exhibition is the Olympics of knowledge.

Changing ideas with the world’s most innovative and progressive companies and minds.

Sweden’s all-wooden pavilion called The Forrest.

How Scandinavia sets an example in building with wood.

How the themes of sustainability, life science, tech innovation, space innovation, co-creation, and much more will be discussed. 

How collaborations can make the world connect better.

The collaboration with Scandinavian MIND and always looking to be inspired by innovation. 

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