Erik Zetterberg & Daniel Herrmann (Singular Society) on reinventing the retail business model
Season 1, Episode 33.
12 May 2021

Erik Zetterberg and Daniel Herrmann are the founders of Singular Society, a new Stockholm-based fashion and lifestyle startup that seeks to reinvent the traditional retail model. Rather than making money by the traditional markup, they are selling their products for the cost of production, instead charging a monthly subscription fee from its consumers. 

Yes, you could call it the Netflix of Fashion, although Erik and Daniel have a more detailed definition. 

In this conversation, we talk about:

Being a subscription-based brand that offers high-quality products at the price of their cost to make.

The need for change in traditional fashion wholesale.

A customer has to pay for all the unsold items and all the other costs of a brand in the old model.

Can subscription services be applied to all industries?

Why is quality so expensive?

How more membership subscriptions will make the prices cheaper and the service better.

How the subscribers choose the selection. Selling both high frequent products and extreme value products.

How storytelling is the biggest challenge for Singular Society.

Does luxury brands really need a stand-out logo?

What it’s like being owned by H&M and the need for patience to grow.

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