Lush: ”We see the metaverse as an experiment”
We speak to Adam Goswell, Head of Technology R&D, on his impressions after the brand’s participation in the first-ever Metaverse Beauty Week.
29 Jun 2023

As Head of Technology R&D of Lush, Adam Goswell is currently heading up the development of new tools using AI, machine learning and augmented reality. Most recently, this has included developing AI technology, called Lush Lens, to help remove packaging from cosmetics and working on the development of the soon-to-launch Bath Bot. During the recent first-ever Metaverse Beauty Week, he was responsible for creating experiences (pictured above) in Decentraland — where Lush launched its own space this spring — and Spatial.

— It was a location that could be visited and experienced with our visuals and music. We were also giving away an exclusive intergalactic spacesuit for users to wear around the metaverse and the chance for visitors in Spatial to visit our intergalactic planet high through a portal. 

How was the feedback?

— We really liked the creative visuals that brought MBW together and our Lush home within that, and the press attention and coverage the activation got were great to see.

Why is it important for you to be present during such an event?

— We’re keen to experiment with emerging experiences like this, we really like the boundless creativity that can happen in a metaverse experience — it really brings together all of the elements of art, music, social, and gameplay that we really enjoy working in, says Goswell. We see the metaverse as an experiment into what could be achieved here for us. We recognise that it’s an emerging space and not yet anywhere near in the mainstream but we’re interested to try, especially because of our recent exit from major social platforms (which Lush left in 2021, Ed’s note). We’re now excited to find out soon exactly how many visitors we had to the experiences we created. We will continue to experiment and try metaverse and gaming platforms, says Goswell.

You’ve come quite far on your metaverse journey. What has it been like so far?

— We’ve enjoyed understanding and learning about the metaverse and its various platforms, and how these exciting technologies are developing fast — it has a similar feeling to the early days of the world wide web, there are lots of platforms bidding to become major players here and has a mix of both excitement and scepticism about where this might go.

Where is a good way to start for a beauty brand to start its journey into the digital worlds?

— I’d suggest logging into one of the many platforms out there, and having a go. Perhaps visit some of the other brands that have created experiences and see what you think, where there might be some inspiration to be found. I’d also be asking children, because where they’re spending their time at the moment online is a really good indication of the future that’s coming.

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