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Secret clubs and natural spas in Reykjavik
Stack up tips for your next Reykjavik visit, thanks to two guides by artist Valdis Steinarsdóttir and scent designer Andrea Maack.
7 Jul 2021

Andrea Maack on secret clubs and Bjork spotting

Andrea Maack is a visual artist and scent designer based in Reykjavik. She got a nose for scent when she exhibited different interactive art installations in the late 2000s, and today her eponymous luxury fragrance brand is now sold worldwide.

Since relocating back to her native Iceland in 2017, Maack has been working on finding a perfect spot where she could set up a studio, showroom and residential villa all in one. The Geopark Villa in the Reykjanes Peninsula in South Iceland is her latest project.

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Valdis Steinarsdóttir on getting inspired to create by nature

Valdís Steinarsdóttir is a Reykjavik based designer, specializing in product design with a focus on material experiments. She received the Formex Nova award 2020 earlier this autumn and was nominated for Emerging Designer of the year at this year’s Dezeen Design Awards. When it comes to Steinardottír’s designs, it’s hard to misconceive their sustainable message.

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