Lessons learned from a complete beauty brand revamp
”Can we ever be sustainable as producers of products in plastic bottles?” the Swedish duo asked themselves right in the middle of the process. Then, they started to differentiate between opinions and facts — and look for solutions to innovate.
15 Nov 2023

In 2011, Patrik Lernberger and Mattias Stafsing launched Lernberger Stafsing with a line of hair care products, followed by scalp care and skincare.

— We launched without a very clear direction but with a clear goal; to make it a premium lifestyle and beauty brand, says Lernberger.

— It’s been 12 years of a lot of hard work and lots of discovering of the industry from the inside, Stafsing shares.

The company has taken a leading position in the hair category in the region, thanks to high credibility and a sleek design. Yet, the duo spent the entire pandemic to do a complete brand revamp.

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