CAIA Cosmetics’ CEO on the expansion to first-ever physical space
Almost exactly five years after a successful launch, Swedish beauty brand CAIA breaks new ground with the opening of a three months pop-up.
24 Oct 2023

The just-opened space is located in the atrium of the department store NK in central Stockholm.

— We have a loyal community, and the pop-up store is a new way for them to experience our products in person and to step into the world of CAIA, Johanna Eriksson Hamrén, CEO, explains.

— Throughout the process of creating this pop-up, our goal is that our customers will feel entertained, surprised, and curious, founder Bianca Ingrosso adds.

This aim to surprise is also what Eriksson Hamrén points out as one of the major factors behind the last few years’, quite exceptional, growth. 

— We succeed by being flexible and quick to follow trends, listening to our customers and what they want. Our founder Bianca is of course a big inspiration and all of this, combined with our focus on quality, is the key to success, I believe.

CAIA at NK in Stockholm.

You joined the company about a year ago, what has it been like for you since?

— A perfect mix of fun and learning. The beauty industry is always changing, which keeps things interesting, and it has given me a chance to learn and grow. Being part of a beauty brand like CAIA means we often get attention, both good and bad. This has brought some challenges, but these have taught me and my team important lessons. We’ve seen great dedication from our team, and the company has made impressive progress during this journey.

How do you wish to further develop the brand? 

— We really want to make it a well-established trustworthy one for our existing and new customers. We’ll be launching new products throughout the year, about one each month and also look to expand internationally and meet our customers in person. The details about how and when we’ll do this are still being worked on.

2024 is soon approaching. What will be the big thing in the industry?

— Staying close to the community, having the right people on our team, and making our products exciting, Eriksson Hamrén concludes.