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Leading electric vehicle brand MATE. launches collab capsule with Palm Angels
The Copenhagen-based startup joins forces with the global luxury streetwear brand to present an electric bike and a capsule collection of clothing items.
3 Aug 2021

Founded by siblings Julie Kronstrøm Carton and Christian Adel Michael, MATE. launched the foldable MATE.BIKE on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo five years ago. It instantly became one of the world’s most crowdfunded brands ever. The brand just opened its first flagship in central Copenhagen and the great combination of effect, design, and an affordable price tag has attracted customers from more than 80 countries.

The brand’s now teaming up with Milan-born Francesco Ragazzi and his label for the just-launched Palm Angels x MATE. collab. The flashy mirrored silver steel of the capsule’s bike is customized by the two brands’ logo, placed on both sides of the vehicle structure. The newly created PM initials are on the front, stating the merge of two identities. Long black leather fringes appear on the handles, playing with the wind as the speed increases. A sweatshirt, a cotton t-shirt, and a canvas vest, with a Palm patch, stitched on the MATE. woven signature, complete the collaboration.

— I am very proud to present this collaboration, my goal is always to launch lifestyle projects, to create experiences that connect the brand and the audience in an emotional way, Francesco Ragazzi comments.

— For me, this collaboration is a result of a collective passion for visual expression and an unapologetic mindset. At MATE., we’re always much more than just a bike. We deliver unexpected emotions and means of expression, and together with Francesco’s vision we’ve accomplished a capsule that puts forward sheer attitude and carefree comfort in being yourself, says MATE.’s co-owner Michael Lillelund.