Food / Art
Thought-provoking contemporary art exhibition highlights the food waste issue
Food for Thought deals with the subject, as well as consumer culture, through works by eight Swedish and international artists.
5 Nov 2021

Perhaps you have heard about it; each year, an estimated one-third of all food produced — equivalent to 1.3 billion tonnes worth around $1 trillion — ends up rotting in the bins of consumers and retailers. Or, it’s spoiling due to poor transportation and harvesting practices. 

The temporary exhibition Food for Thought showcases thought-provoking works by eight Swedish and international artists working with several mediums, such as photography, video, installation, sculpture, painting, and audio. Curators Jonas Kleerup and Lina Aastrup aim to not only shine a light on some of the complex relations between food, health, politics, environment, and culture but also to raise awareness and inspire shifts in consumer behaviour. 

— It tackles the subject from different angles, from philosophical questions, censorship in food handling, interactions with our nature, our relationship, and view of food or the supermarket, down to artwork literally being produced with food waste, tells Kleerup, continuing,

— Contemporary art works in a peculiar way. It sometimes invites you to open up your mind and think more creatively around certain topics. For this show, we tried to create a microcosmos of different art practices, to show how the art world thinks and approaches problems and ideas. Our ambition is that it will inspire visitors to think about our relationship to food. Both its beauty, richness, and history, but at the same time the problems that it creates. One of the artworks also encourages the visitor to experience it the next time you shop for groceries in your local supermarket — you have to come and see the show to find out how.

Next out for Jonas Kleerup, he tells, is a new platform for the relation between art and music.

— The first taste of it will be a podcast coming up later this year. And, I’m also working for a new kind of fair that merges design with art, showing their sculptural qualities together. It will launch for Stockholm Design Week at the beginning of next year. So, yes, busy as usual.

Food for Thought is created together with Electrolux and open for three days on Sergelgatan 16 in central Stockholm.