Join us for Beauty Innovation Talks on Thursday: How AI and data can power beauty brands
We’re bringing our beauty insights format back to Copenhagen.
30 Jan 2024

We’re gathering C-level executives, innovators, and industry representatives in beauty to discuss how AI and data can power beauty brands. Join us for an afternoon of keynotes and panel talks at CIFF in Copenhagen

Claim your spot at the venue today. Limited seats.

CIFF, Bella Center, Copenhagen
Meeting room 18, first floor

1 February 2024

[email protected]


14.30: Beauty Innovation Talks: How data can power beauty brands

A VIP event with a live podcast recording featuring leading voices from the global beauty tech scene. Plus: a trend forecast from Scandinavian MIND.

14:30 Trend forecast by Scandinavian MIND

A global look at innovations and new technologies in the beauty industry. 

Speaker: Johan Magnusson, Senior editor, Scandinavian MIND

14:45 Panel: How AI and data can power beauty brands

We dive into the opportunities for beauty brands to leverage AI and data in their customer journey. 

Tina Dupont, Product Director, AI & Robotics, NTT Data
Adam Engelhardt, CIO, CertifyAI Institute
Danielle Watson, Senior Director Business Development, Revieve

15:30 ENDS

16.00: Beauty Innovation Cocktail

A high-level networking cocktail in the beauty exhibition at CIFF.


Adam Engelhardt

Adam is the CIO of CertifyAI Insitute which leads companies safely through the high-speed development of AI. CertifyAI also facilitates the largest social network about AI in Denmark, with 7,000 members, sharing their passion about AI. Adam’s focus is to democratise learning about AI so everyone has a chance of understanding and benefit from Artificial Intelligence. He holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Market Creation from Copenhagen Business School, and has been awarded from his research on synergetic knowledge relationships between users and companies. 

Adam has also been an executive manager at Google, running a large operation of consultants, educating and onboarding Google clients. Besides being a CIO of a startup, Adam consults institutions and companies in AI knowledge strategies, through workshops and courses, and C-level advising.

Tina Dupont

Tina holds the position of Product Manager for AI and Robotics at NTT DATA Business Solutions, including the role of Head of the Global Digital Human Platform. She is a dedicated advocate for humanising technology and delving into the emotional interaction between humans and technology, encompassing robots, AI, and other virtual entities. With her dynamic digital leadership profile, Tina has successfully spearheaded transformations and led projects for leading Danish companies across various sectors. In addition to her technical expertise, Tina has an educational background in physiology and anatomy, possessing deep knowledge and interest in the human hormonal and nervous systems. Her contribution lies in bridging the gap between the technological and human realms, aiming to humanise AI, automation, and self-service for a better world. She continuously shares her insights on these topics through various innovation and AI Masterclasses, including engagements at CBS Executive, the Digitalization Institute, Altinget, and Dansk Marketing.

Danielle Watson

Danielle has a true commitment to excellence in pipeline creation, new business development, and the establishment of strategic commercial partnerships. Her relentless passion for digital transformation solutions and services, specifically within the fashion and beauty sectors through the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS), sets her apart as a visionary leader. Her track record speaks volumes, characterised by her capacity to gain access to the C-Suite, effectively manage territories, and close pivotal deals. An innate talent for identifying new business opportunities and fostering commercial partnerships across the expansive EMEA region has established her as a formidable presence in the rapidly evolving digital realm of B2B-to-B2C. Danielle’s digital expertise encompasses a vast array of cutting-edge technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Try-On (VTO) for consumer-centric personalization, 3D creative design and development solutions, 3D configurators and visualization platforms, social and e-commerce integration, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Virtual Asset Management (VAM), Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Konrad Olsson

Stockholm-based Konrad Olsson is the founder and editor-in-chief of Scandinavian MIND, a magazine and platform covering the intersection of lifestyle and technology. Konrad is an experienced speaker, moderator, and podcaster. He regularly advises brands and organisations on content strategy and digital transformation.

Johan Magnusson

After covering the beauty industry for over a decade, Johan Magnusson is now the Senior Digital Editor of Scandinavian MIND. He’s also the Editor of the weekly insights newsletter Beauty Innovation, covering the transformation of the beauty industry from the inside.

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