Join us at CIFF for Beauty Innovation Talks on How to innovate beauty communication
For the second consecutive season, we join Scandinavia’s leading trade fair’s new Beauty section for a panel talk with leading voices in the Nordic beauty space.
2 Aug 2023

The need for change in the beauty industry exists on many levels. For brands, efforts around sustainability, diversity, and innovation comes down to communication. Next week, on Thursday August 10, we invite Josefin Landgård, co-founder of MANTLE, Esteban Villanueva, Beauty Writer and Nordic Beauty Director, Spalt PR Group, and Louis Emil Rind-Nygaard, Sustainability Specialist at Rudolph Care, in a special panel talk. The trio will share insights on how to challenge the conversation about beauty, the consequences of the so-called ”commercial hand of god”, and the road to create a more innovative beauty communication.

Josefin Landgård

MANTLE was born from a critical time in Josefin Landgård’s life. Several startup journeys, two kids, and a hectic separation had resulted in months of sleepless nights and high-level stress. Timing was serendipitous when she came across the cannabis extract CBD, and it was love at first drop. She met her co–founder Stina Lönnkvist and together they decided to found MANTLE. The Scandinavian skincare brand is redefining CBD through professional skincare with the highest quality botanical extract, organically grown and cold-pressed in Switzerland. Josefin is Scandinavia’s only female unicorn founder at this time and with MANTLE, she’s determined to challenge the conversation about beauty and put an end to fear based communication in favour of a new, more modern dialogue.

Esteban Villanueva

With a background in editorial and communications strategy, Esteban is the current Nordic Beauty Director for Spalt PR. As the former Beauty Editor for Vogue Scandinavia, he was the first male beauty editor worldwide for Vogue and one of the youngest editors across the Condé Nast group. Through his editorial and strategic work Esteban hails for gender and sexuality inclusion and equality in beauty, the modernizing of beauty as an industry, and a conscious globalisation of the category, making beauty as accessible and relatable possible. His work within communications focuses on the introduction of global brands into the Nordic region, regional assimilation, community building, and the lifting of local talent and product into global spheres.

Louis Emil Rind–Nygaard

Louis Emil Rind-Nygaard is the Sustainability Specialist at Rudolph Care. With a solid foundation in design engineering, Louis possesses a keen understanding of environmental impacts related to systems and products. His expertise allows him to effectively analyse and improve sustainability practices.

Louis views himself as an ’all–round sustainability generalist’ and combines his technical know-how with a profound passion for sustainable solutions. This drive empowers him to stay at the forefront of the constantly evolving sustainability landscape. By leveraging innovative initiatives and fostering collaborative efforts within the company and together with industry peers, Louis Emil is committed to propelling Rudolph Care and the beauty industry toward a greener future.

Johan Magnusson

After covering the beauty industry for over a decade, Johan Magnusson is now the Senior Digital Editor of Scandinavian MIND. He’s also the Editor of the weekly insights newsletter Beauty Innovation, covering the transformation of the beauty industry from the inside, and the moderator of this conversation. He has closely monitored the development of beauty communication and interviewed leading executives on the challenges for industry players to stand out in a competitive and disrupted beauty market while remaining true to core values.

Panel talk: How to innovate beauty communication


Bella Center, Copenhagen

Talks Stage

Thursday August 10, 1PM

The talk will be live-streamed and available on demand here