Jacob Felländer on democratising art (part 2)
Season 2, Episode 2.
8 Sep 2021

The final and second part of the interview dives deeper into the artist and person that is Jacob Felländer. Jacob explains how he has a black belt in worry and doubt but never lets those dark thoughts affect his art projects. He also explains managing family life when travelling half the year, and why it would be impossible to solely live in Stockholm where he is based both professionally and privately.

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In this conversation, Jacob also talks about:

How creativity should always evolve.

Having a black belt in worry and doubt.

Making sure his ubiquitous vanity stays out of his art.

Dropping the dream of being a world-class athlete.

Making the family life work when travelling half the year.

The sliding doors moment of almost starting business management.

How his 8 years of being broke were the richest and most luxurious years of his life.

The role of the metaverse to art.