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Ilse Crawford on designing the expansion of leading Stockholm boutique hotel Ett Hem
Named ”Best Hotel in the World”, it’s now time for a new chapter, in a new townhouse — and it doesn’t stop there.
28 Sep 2022

Founded by Jeanette Mix in 2012, Ett Hem is a privately owned boutique hotel in Lärkstaden on Östermalm in Stockholm. It’s a private house with 12 guest rooms, a living room, a library, a kitchen, a conservatory, and a garden, aiming to cater for guests looking for something more personal than a luxury hotel. Except for the Best Hotel in the World recognition by Tatler in 2018, Ett Hem has also made the Conde Nast Traveler’s Gold List and was Mr & Mrs Smith Awards Best-Dressed Hotel Winner in 2015.

A decade after the opening, the concept has just expanded to the house next door with another 10 guest rooms and areas for socializing and relaxation. The brick townhouse was built during an iconic era of Scandinavian architecture at the beginning of the 20th century. And, just like ten years ago, the new house has been created by Jeanette Mix, together with renowned British designer Ilse Crawford, through attentive renovation while preserving the house’s core qualities.

The interior and atmosphere in the new house, No 4, is similar to that of an elegant home in the existing No 2.

— The original house was a hotel, or, if you like, an upscaled guesthouse, Crawford explains. It has the rooms, and a small downstairs area, but it was built for the guests. What became clear over time was that people loved to stay in, which was quite a surprise to us. We imagined that people would stay in for some nights and then go out and enjoy Stockholm most of the rest but that happened not as much as we thought. In the evenings, at least, people loved to come ’home’. And the space couldn’t really accommodate that — there weren’t enough rooms and it’s rather small. So, when this house became available, Jeanette (Mix, Ed’s note) knew that it was a smart, and actually important, thing to do; to move with the times and have spaces that could be used for celebration and a more lively, cultural programming, which I think is great.

International design and attention to detail characterize furniture, textiles, interiors, and art.

— The difference for our guests and visitors is that we can offer them an expansion of our world, says Helena Lundqvist, head of operations. No 2 is more private with privacy for peace and quiet and No 4 invites you to a more cultural, social and lively stay. 

Ilse Crawford, old buildings like these come with challenges and regulations.

— Oh yes, we worked closely with the ’historic team’. It was tricky — they needed to protect tree roots and such — but design is all about ingenious solutions. Inside the house was less challenging in a way while restoring the paintings on the top floor was obvious but hardly a challenge — more a pleasure.

— We do have some ’before and after’ pictures on our Instagram.

During winter, Ett Hem will open three residential flats and a gym on Sköldungagatan 6.

— No 6 will be a home for our long-term guests and for exercise in the gym, Helena Lundqvist shares.