Guide / Stockholm
”I sometimes wonder if a city can be too style conscious when I walk around Stockholm”
On hidden archipelago gems and trendy jewellers
3 Feb 2023

Who are you?

— I’m Showit, and I’m originally from Västerås, an hour away from Stockholm and moved in 2012. I’ve been working in PR for over 8 years now, and my background encompasses PR and marketing, business development, concept creation, copywriting, and sales. Throughout my career, I’ve helped launch several brands within the lifestyle segment, as head of PR at Hoss Agency, and I also enjoy coaching PR consultants.

For someone who hasn’t been to Stockholm, how’d you describe it?

— Stockholm is a truly stunning city, especially during the summer evenings! The beauty of the city really shines through and can not compete with any other city in the world for the title of ’most beautiful’. The people here are also incredibly put-together, which gives the city a unique and trendy vibe. Sometimes, I even find myself wondering if a city can be too fashion-conscious when I can walk around the city for a whole day and only see people dressed in black, grey, and white. But all in all, Stockholm is a vibrant place with a strong connection to the seasons and a great atmosphere.

My favourite thing that makes me proud of Stockholm?

— One of my favourite things about Stockholm is definitely its museums. They are truly amazing and offer a wealth of knowledge and culture. I’m proud to say that several of them are free to visit, making it easy to enjoy a cultural spree with friends or family at any given time. Even though the political climate has changed since the 2022 election and entrance fees often have been reinstated, I feel compelled to mention this unique aspect of the city. 

My favourite weekend routine:

— On the weekends, I prefer to have a more low-key and relaxing routine. There’s a risk that I sound old and boring but my clubbing days are behind me and I now enjoy spending quality time with my family, especially my nephews and nieces. At home, I try to focus on things that help me feel well-rested and give me a real break from work. It’s all about finding balance and taking care of myself so I can be refreshed for the coming hectic week. Wait a minute? I don’t sound it, I really am old and boring?

My favourite place for dining out:

Jebena. Being Eritrean, Jebena it’s a must-visit for me at least twice a month — they have the best Eritrean food in Stockholm. Some of my latest recommendations would definitely be to check out Bird at Södermalm for their delicious craft beers, cocktails, and fried chicken. For something different, you should try Ling Long for its amazing Asian fusion dishes. And for Italian cuisine, Spago is a must-visit.

My favourite breakfast place:

— I’m not a big breakfast person and usually just have a cup of coffee to start my day. However, if I do decide to have breakfast, you’ll find me at Caffè Mezzo in Solna. The energy and the hospitality there are so warm and uplifting. I do want to give a special shoutout to Älskade Traditioner, even though they are unfortunately now permanently closed.

Cafe Mezzo.

My favourite excursion: 

— I absolutely love the islands around Stockholm. You can easily jump on a ’Vaxholm boat’ and have a perfect day trip to places like Sandhamn or Svartsjö. These are the ultimate summer excursions, with their beautiful scenery, clear waters, and charming atmosphere. I highly recommend giving these islands a visit if you haven’t already — you won’t regret it!

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative I want to promote:

SËBOU is a Swedish company launched by Omar Marhri, weaving together the subtlety of Scandinavian design and the vibrancy of Moroccan culture. Selam Fessahaye has built a strong DNA where each piece has its own identity, personality, and character. Last but not least, the jewellery brands Saga Melina and Louis Abel.

My favourite place for a creative or business meeting:

— That really depends on my mood and the type of meeting I’m having. I love trying out new places and being inspired by different environments, so I like to mix it up and work from cafes, offices, and co-working spaces. But if I need a reliable and comfortable space, I know I can always count on CMNTY for some of the best co-working spaces in Stockholm.

My favourite hotel for a staycation:

— I prefer to opt for a more unique and personal experience. Instead of staying in a hotel, I love using Airbnb and searching for properties in the Stockholm archipelago. With this option, you can find amazing places with breathtaking views and, in many cases, a private sauna. To me, this is the ultimate way to relax and recharge, and it’s so much more memorable than just staying in a hotel. 

Archipelago settings.

My favourite route for a run or walk: 

— Råstasjön in Solna. It’s a beautiful lake, with a scenic path that’s just the right length for a quick jog or leisurely stroll. Plus, the fresh air and calming surroundings make it the perfect place to get some exercise and clear my mind.

My favourite cultural spot:

— When it comes to cultural spots, I have a couple of favourites. First, I absolutely love indoor markets, like Hötorghallen and Söderhallarna. There’s a unique energy in these types of spaces, with their organized chaos and the mixture of sights, sounds, smells, food, and people. It’s truly a sensory experience.


My favourite place for fashion:

Acne Studios and the retailer JUS.

My favourite space for great design: 

Nordiska Galleriet.

My favourite example of tech innovation in Stockholm: 

— I have to give a shout-out to my trusty electric bike, the VÄSSLA. I love how the city is embracing clean transportation, and using an electric bike to get around town has made such a big difference for me. The bike pathways are getting better every year, making it a faster and more enjoyable way to get from point A to point B. While Stockholm may not be as bike-friendly as Copenhagen just yet, it’s certainly headed in the right direction and I’m excited to see where it will be in the future!


My favourite local media:

— Their platform/magazine hasn’t been released yet, but I totally support the concept. It’s called the ’THE ISM’ which shortly translates to ’I SEE MYSELF’. It’s a digital media platform for, what they describe as, ’the seen and unseen’, bringing fashion, art, culture, and creativity together. Launching in October.

My favourite thing at home: 

— I’d have to say it’s my porch. I just love inviting friends and family over for coffee or drinks, and there’s nothing quite like a summer evening spent outside enjoying each other’s company. Whether it’s soaking up the sun, sipping on a cold drink, or just chatting the day away, I truly believe that life is just a little bit better on my porch.