Guide / Stockholm
”In the past few years, there’s been an explosion of new bars and restaurants”
On enjoying Stockholm from a restauranteur's view
23 Aug 2022

Who are you?

— I was born in Stockholm and straight into the restaurant business as my father has been running restaurants since before I was born. I studied business and started medical school but dropped out after one day before I, at 25, decided that I wanted to continue working in the restaurant business. At the beginning of September, we’re opening Riche Fenix, a little sister to the restaurant I am running today, Riche, located at Östermalm. Riche Fenix is more of a bar than a classical restaurant, and it marks the first time I’m responsible for the opening of a new establishment.

Riche Fenix in the making in Stockholm.

For someone who hasn’t been to Stockholm, how’d you describe it? 

— Stockholm is a beautiful city characterised by its closeness to the Baltic Sea. Or more, by the fact that it is made up of several islands. Pretty much everywhere you go, you have a connection to the water. In the past few years, there’s also been an explosion of new bars and restaurants, so it’s become a lively city with many great places to explore.

My favourite thing that makes me proud of Stockholm: 

— The same, really — it’s beautiful, and that’s probably what I’m most proud of. I live in Södermalm, which is both pretty and very full of life. I love it. 

My favourite weekend routine: 

— I go out to the archipelago as often as I can; it’s an excellent way of relaxing to just go out to a little island with nothing really to do there but play board games, eat, and swim. 

Among the many archipelago islands. Photography: Ola Ericson / Visit Sweden

My favourite cultural spot: 

The Royal Opera. It’s a stunning building and also, I’ve also seen several of my favourite dance performances there. The latest one: Escapist by Alexander Ekman. I saw that performance twice. Connected to it are also Operabaren and Operakällaren, two favourite restaurants of mine.

My favourite place for dining out: 

Den Gyldene Freden in the Old Town. It is the oldest restaurant in Sweden, and perhaps even the world. What I like the most about it is that its heritage is so apparent and most of the interior is intact. Still, they manage to combine this with being highly relevant — which you also see when you look at the clientele, people of all ages and all kinds, including the absolute most hip Stockholmers. 

My favourite place for a creative or business meeting: 

— I will have to say, Riche. I’m biased, yes, but it’s open from early morning to late evening and is perfect for the strict business meeting as the more creative ones. There are places in the restaurant for the type of meeting where you want some privacy, but above all, it’s a great place both for meeting people you already know and making new acquaintances.


My favourite excursion or city escape: 

— Djurgården is one of the islands I mentioned, that makes Stockholm. The nature there is beautiful, it’s great for taking long walks, and it is also home to some very nice restaurants.

My favourite hidden gem: 

— The wine bar at ICA Liljeholmen. It might not sound ideal with a wine bar inside a supermarket, but it’s great with many different wines to choose from by the glass. Such a great concept to shop for food of good quality and be able to drink wine at the same time.

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative I want to promote: 

— Ellen Nyqvist and Louise Tungården — the architects we’ve been working with for the opening of Riche Fenix. It is the first time they have designed a restaurant, and it amazes me how talented and creative they are throughout the process.

My favourite hotel for a staycation: 

Ett Hem, no doubt. Incredibly luxurious and, simultaneously, relaxed with an intimate atmosphere.

Ett Hem.

My favourite route for a run or walk: 

— I love running around Kungsholmen, for the beautiful views of Södermalm on the other side of the water. I enjoy running past our beautiful City Hall and through the lush, rich nature surrounding the island. 

My favourite place for fashion: 

Aplace. It is excellent for shopping Swedish brands and they also have quite a sizeable second-hand section.

My favourite space for great design: 

The National Museum — a great place to see many different designs.

My favourite example of tech innovation in Stockholm: 

Karma, an app that reduces food waste by connecting customers with restaurants, cafés, and others that have food that will soon go bad. It’s sold at a lower price, and in that way, it helps to reduce food waste.

My favourite local media: 

Art Lover has excellent coverage of the contemporary art scene with fascinating interviews with artists.  

My favourite thing at home: 

— I bought a pair of office chairs last year, Comet Star, designed by Gunilla Allard. I absolutely love them, as they are both beautiful to look at and so surprisingly comfortable. I sit in one of them every day, literally. If not to work, sometimes just to sit and relax.