Guide / Aalborg
”I love the diverse nature and the beautiful street art murals”
On seaside excursions and street art
16 Sep 2021

Stine Winther started making jewellery at the tender age of 17. Today, the 22-year old is the founder and owner of fast-growing brand By Stine Winther, based in Aalborg, the capital of the North Jutland in Denmark.

The best thing that makes me proud of Aalborg:

I love nature, but living in the city sometimes makes it hard to spend a lot of time in nature. I love that Aalborg has so many parks within the main city but also just a few minutes walk outside the city, you find lakes, forest, and overall beautiful nature. What I also love about Aalborg is street art. If you look out for it, you will see a lot of beautiful murals. 

My favourite weekend routine:

On weekends it is important for me to recharge since my week is often busy at work. I love taking long walks at the dog park with my dog, going for a long walk at Vesterhavet. I love Vesterhavet because it is often windy and rough, and the ocean really amazes me. And my dog loves it too!

My favourite cultural spot:

Must be the waterfront, especially at golden hour. You get a beautiful view of the sea and the pretty colours of the sky. On your walk to the waterfront, you will walk by Utzon center, Jomfru Ane Park, and Musikkens Hus, which are some of the cultural spots in Aalborg.

Utzon center. Photography: Rasmus Hjortshøj.

My favourite route for a run or walk:

I love running or taking my dog for a walk in Østerådalen three kilometres from the city. Østerå is a long river running through Aalborg. Here you find different trails for walking/running and a dog park for your dog.

My favourite place for fashion:

In Aalborg, we have Gågaden where you find most of the shops. Here you will find shops you probably know like H&M. My favourite place to go shopping in Aalborg is the stores called Tiffany and Loftet. In the summertime, I love going to flea markets. You will find a lot of Flea Markets in Aalborg, the most popular one is Lopper på havnen at the waterfront.

My favourite excursion/city escape

Again, I have to say Vesterhavet, more specifically Løkken or Blokhus. Here you can enjoy the fresh air, the rough ocean, and the beautiful nature. Take a walk in the small cities to get some food or do a little shopping. 

My favourite breakfast place:

Honestly, I don’t like going out for breakfast. I’d rather eat breakfast at home. I am not a brunch type of person, so I would rather just go to the bakery and get some bread. My favourite bakery is definitely Penny Lane. If you like going out for breakfast it is also possible to sit inside their cafe and eat. They have a big variety of bread and cakes, and it tastes delicious!

My favourite place for a bath: 

I love taking a dip in the water, both summer and winter. If possible, I would always go to Vesterhavet, but that is a 45 minutes drive and not always the best condition for a swim. In the city, I would go to Vestre Fjordpark to take a dip. 

My favourite hidden gem:

Since Aalborg is not the biggest city, I don’t think there is a lot of hidden gems here. But I think one of the not-so-well-known places for tourists is a small island called Egholm in Limfjorden between Aalborg and Nørresundby. The ferry is just a twenty-minute walk from the city, and you can walk along the waterside.

On Egholm you will see a lot of beautiful nature. Go to the restaurant Kronborg and get their tartlet which is sort of a small pie with chicken and asparagus — but at restaurant Kronborg you can get Nordjyllands biggest tartlet! 

My favourite place for dining out:

This is a tough one since I love dining out! It really depends on the occasion here. If I am out with friends having dinner and cocktails I love Budolfi Plads, where there are different spots for dinner and drinks. On weekends it is often crowded but there is an amazing vibe. Cafe Vesterå is also a great place for cocktails. If I am going out to celebrate something I, love going to Mortens Kro. Here you will be eating the best food in town and get over-the-top service from the waiters.


My favourite place for a glass of wine, or non-alcoholic beverage.

There are a few vine-bars in Aalborg to choose from with a great atmosphere. Douro Wine Bar is a good spot for a great glass of wine. 

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative we want to promote:

In Øgadekvarteret you will fint the small shop called Butik Gejst. It’s a 10-minute walk from the city and next to a lovely park. In this small shop, you can buy coffee and some delicacies. You will find beautiful interiors like ceramics, posters, and jewellery from Danish artists.

Butik Gejst.

My favourite thing at home:

This is a tough one since I love my apartment! But my favourite thing must be my couch. Which must also be the place I spend the most time when I am at home. For me, it is important to decorate your home and create an atmosphere you love being in.