Innovations For Better Living
Here’s how AI can be used to create your ultimate personal scent
As Artificial Intelligence is taking over our lives, it’s now also a part of the beauty and fragrance industry.
13 Sep 2021

Swedish startup No Ordinary Scent makes personal scents that you create from your memories using AI technology. 

— We are passionate about personalisation and new ways to explore identity through senses, say co-founders Sandra Kinnmark and Amelie Saltin. 

To create a personal scent, the customer uploads three personal photographs through their website. The AI technology analyses and tags the photos while matching the tags with a combination of scent ingredients that becomes a personal and unique formula. 

— The scent is named by the customer and made to order using ingredients from the perfume mecca of Grasse in France in our lab in Stockholm. 

A big part of the business is Scent Branding, where the company works B2B to explore a brand’s DNA through scent. 

— We break barriers through AI in our lab to create a new kind of brand experience. 

How do you contribute to better living? 

— Our brand is all about self-exploration. We use scents as much more than just ”smelling good”. Scent is our most personal and powerful sense. Our brains form a strong association between the scent we are wearing and the feelings we are experiencing. This allows us to use scents to evoke those feelings on demand, a bit like getting into a special mood by listening to a mood-boosting playlist, but way more powerful. We’re creating a bridge between our oldest core senses with new technology, say Kinnmark and Saltin.

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