S-beauty Special
I am By Swedish Haircare’s multifunctional products cater to today’s demanding customer
Born and raised in a hair salon, Henrik Artdeson followed his dream of joining a highly competitive industry — to raise its standards.
10 Nov 2021

After the huge K-beauty trend and its 10-step-routines, there’s a growing global buzz for Scandinavian S-beauty and its innovative products with sustainability at its very core. In the latest issue of our printed magazine, we highlight 13 innovative beauty launches. This is #6.

Artdeson’s mother started her first hair salon in 1974, hence he’s describing it as he was born into it. He followed in her footsteps and became a — successful — hairdresser while dreaming of creating his own product line before launching I am By Swedish Haircare a little bit over a year ago

— I’m an adventurous guy always looking for new challenges, he tells, and after everything we’ve all been through for the last one and a half years, I’m so grateful that we’ve managed to create our first line.

The range is vegan and includes seven products, such as the pictured Cleanser, the Hairoil made of macadamia nut and sunflower seed oil, and the Structure spray, a mix between saltwater spray and dry shampoo. 

— It’s created for hairdressers by hairdressers. Every product has a specific purpose — yet they’re all multifunctional, using only Swedish and carefully handpicked ingredients in order to create the best possible condition for your hair, Artdeson tells, adding,

— It’s a tough market out there. But, as we see a growing awareness among consumers, not only for what they put into their bodies but also what they put in their hair, I strongly believe that my way of building a brand is the future.

Cleanser by I am By Swedish Haircare in our latest issue
Set design: Niklas Hansen
Photography: Anders Kylberg

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