Hyped startup MANTLE explains why CBD beauty definitely is here to stay
”CBD is arguably the trendiest ingredient in beauty and wellness right now, and with good reason,” founder duo Josefin Landgård and Stina Lönnkvist states.
9 Aug 2021

As pioneers for CBD and cannabeauty on the Scandinavian market, Landgård and Lönnkvist have been able to follow the shift in people’s attitude.

— As it’s becoming less stigmatized and more people are catching on to the de-stressing power of CBD, you’ll start seeing it pop up in more and more products. Stress and lack of sleep are, together with the sun, two of our skin’s worst enemies. After a huge trend of harsh acids and exfoliators, we — and many others — believe that the new beauty wave will consist of de-stressing, balancing, and strengthening skincare. We’ve only seen the beginning of it! the duo states.

Before founding MANTLE, Stina Lönnkvist worked as a brand strategist and yoga teacher, and Josefin Landgård was the CEO and co-founder of the Swedish healthcare sensation Kry.

— The idea of the brand, Landgård tells, came to me after I tried CBD for the first time and fell in love. During a business trip to NYC, I noticed that CBD was the topic du jour in any room I went into, and literally everything — from drinks, to beauty products, to supplements, to intimate products — was infused with CBD. Naturally, this lit my entrepreneurial spark on fire and when I came back to Sweden it didn’t take long before I met Stina. We instantly hit it off and that’s when it all fell into place. We were both living really active lifestyles and found it hard to find time and space for rest and restoration. We were also both into optimizing health and beauty with the power of plants. Our mission is to create kick-ass wellness and beauty products that inspire modern people with modern lives to infuse some more zen into their lives. A year after launching, our CBD oil was awarded Wellness Product of the Decade by STYLEBY Magazine, so it seems like we’re on the right track.

The CBD extract itself comes from the cannabis plant and is not to be confused with the (in)famous compound THC — known for causing a high.

— CBD is mostly known for its ability to bring balance and an increased sense of centeredness to mind and body, but this is just one of its many superpowers. What’s not as commonly known is that it’s a remarkable botanical for the skin as it de-stresses reactiveness, boosts collagen production, and strengthens the skin barrier, which are some of the key factors for maintaining elasticity and radiance, the duo tells, continuing,

— The reason there’s some confusion as to whether CBD is legal or not has to do with the fact that THC is not — at least in most parts of the world. The cannabis plant has an unfairly bad rep because people’s minds are immediately drawn to weed, but in reality, the plant can be used for hundreds of purposes. CBD is legal to buy and sell in the EU, with some differences between countries. In Sweden, for example, you cannot market any effects of ingestible CBD. However, it’s much clearer when it comes to CBD in skincare. There are a few countries that remain skeptical, one of them being Norway — but we trust it won’t be long until they come around as well.

MANTLE’s skincare range is made in Sweden with the brand’s own CBD, organically grown with a small-scale farmer in Switzerland.

— The leaves are grown in natural sunlight, handpicked, and cold-pressed with attention to details to ensure the highest potency and quality possible. What many people don’t know is that the quality of different CBD products varies greatly depending on how it’s produced.

— Our first three products, which have become our own golden holy trinity, are the multi-balm The Calm Balm, the overnight mask The Dream Mask, and the oil-based serum The Glow Serum. When we created these, we did not hold back. We had Scandinavian multi-functionality in mind and wanted to create versatile products where the CBD really got the chance to shine. The Dream Mask has pretty much been our bestseller since week one, but it’s starting to get some competition from our 24/7 moisturizer The Chill Cream which we launched soon thereafter. Our latest product drop is our deeply concentrated eye cream The Eyes Cream, packed with goodies like hyaluronic acid, squalane, vitamin E, and of course CBD, says Landgård and Lönnkvist, adding,

— We have so many exciting projects in store! Right now we’re focused on our skincare range and will be launching more products during the fall season, but we might bring our CBD into other categories soon. Our long-term goal is to build a wellness and beauty universe powered by cannabis.