How Augustinus Bader became ”Best skincare of all time” — after three years running
”I think we achieved in creating a formulation that works,” says Professor Augustinus Bader, co-founder of the hyped brand carrying his name.
5 Aug 2021

The key to much of the brand’s success is ERC8 (Epigenetic Rejuvenating Complex 8). The patent-pending technology, Bader explains, utilizes probiotics, prebiotics, botanical extracts, and high-grade vitamins and minerals to build a healthy gut microbiome, nourish the gut-skin connection, and kickstart the cellular processes that slow as we age. Since the brand’s launch three years ago, Bader continues, they’ve focused their efforts on constant research and innovation.

— We’ve been creating the most technologically advanced formulas and growing our portfolio of products to address customer needs. We are always in the lab looking to improve and innovate, he tells.

He’s the Director and Professor of Applied Stem Cell Biology and Cell Technology at the University of Leipzig.

— My experience is in a clinical setting and developing treatments for children suffering from severe burns, patients with diabetic wounds, and other forms of trauma. The reason we launched the skincare brand was to provide a platform to allow for the continued research and development in the field of stem cell science.

Tell us more about the brand.

— As a medical doctor and a research scientist, Bader tells, applying scientific knowledge to skincare is motivated by functionality and understanding of medical needs. It’s not a one-dimensional pure commercial approach — medicine means understanding how to care for someone’s health. We are not traditional beauty developers; we have decades of scientific research behind our products. My approach to skincare focuses on respecting, first and foremost, human skin physiology and skin health, and we will only release products that bring a real solution to our customers.

Earlier this year, your The Cream and The Rich Cream landed 1st place in ”Top 100 best skincare of all time” by WWD Beauty. How is it possible, after only three years running?

— I think we achieved in creating a formulation that works. It works because we respect the physiology of human skin with a knowledge base that originated from my research. The products are innovative in this sense. In this respect, we are pioneers in our niche.

This year, Augustinus Bader also launched The Rich Cream 2.0, an update of the award winner.

— It contains an advanced and smart formula resulting in deeper nourishment and hydration and, overall, a more immaculate complexion. In a clinical trial held with thirty participants over one month, this upgraded formulation improved skin hydration level by 145%. Wrinkle reduction ranged between 37% and 54% during this same timeframe, while skin firmness enhanced by 92%. Among user trials with 105 members, 100% of participants noted that their skin instantly felt more hydrated and nourished, while 99% said that, over 12 weeks, their skin overall felt renewed, replenished, and reinvigorated, he tells, adding,  

— With the upcoming launch of our newest product entitled The SKIN, we leveraged years of scientific research in regenerative medicine and cellular repair to create the best possible ingestible companion to complement our skincare for a 360-degree approach to caring for your skin health.

”There are no miracles, miracles only exist for those who cannot explain nature.”
Professor Augustinus Bader freely quoting his namesake, Saint Augustine